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ST:E, The Breach

The Breach: While Trip and Reed attempt to rescue some Denobulan scientists, Phlox has to treat a member of an enemy race.

Phlox is feeding his pets again. Oh, look, a tribble. Hoshi is horrified as he feeds it to one of his other pets. AHAHAHAHAHA! Phlox, you're such a sadist. She hands him a message and he reads it and looks disturbed.

So there were some scientists in a cave which the Denobulans have lost contact with. And there's some hostile local aliens or something who've given them a deadline to get offworld. Why didn't the Denobulans go through Admiral Forrest?

One of the ships leavign the planet has an emergency, and Enterprise helps out. I'm sorry, that long shot of Trip, Reed and Mayweather walking on a big rock looked really really fake. The trio venture into the caves in search of the Denobulan scientists and spelunk down a cliff.

One of the patients from the other ship recognises Phlox and refuses to be treated by him - the Antarans and Denobulans are old enemies. Archer orders him to treat the patient, but Phlox refuses because it's against the patient's wishes.

Trip and Reed take a break, while Mayweater continues down the cliff, and they locate a Denobulan container with rock samples in it.

Archer talks to the Antaran to try to talk him into letting Phlox operate, then talks to Phlox as well.

The away team reaches the bottom of the cliff and starts wandering around the caves. so is this the A or B plot? Anyway, they fall down a cliff and dieand stop partway down when Mayweather lands on a ledge and Trip manages to find an anchoring point. Oh, and Mayweather broke something. Reed and Trip do the manful thing and leave him there. "You didn't have any more script pages anyway."

Phlox talks to the Antaran and meets with a lot of hostility, and eventually yells and storms out. T'Pol finds him in the mess hall and he tells her that he rejected the teachings of his youth that Antarans were evil.

Trip and Reed find the Denobulan scientists, but they say they're not leaving. Wait, Trip says they've been spelunking looking for the Denobulans for two days. They just breezed through two days in half an hour?

Phlox tells the Antaran about how he brought up his children. This must be the B plot because it was only a 2 minute scene and we're back to Trip and Reed and the Denobulans. The Denobulans keep stopping to fetch rock samples. Trip threatens to shoot one of them in the ass, then the caves start rumbling and caving in. Reed says it sounds like weapons fire.

They reach the bottom of the cliff, and the Denobulans receal they climbed down without climbing gear. What? They have sticky hands?

Archer complains to the locals about the weapons fire, and apparently they're shooting at members from the previous regieme. Archer threatens to shoot their patrol vessel to make them stop. Meanwhile, the Antaran decides to allow Phlox to treat him.

The away team and Denobulans continue to struggle their way up the cliff and take off two hours after the deadline. After some shooting, they make it back to Enterprise.

Phlox tells Archer that the operation was a success, and they drop the Antaran and the Denobulan scientists off on the same transport. Teh end.

Oh, wait, Phlox is recording a letter to his estranged racist son. Yayz! Teh end.

Edit: I think it says something that I forgot to mention Mayweather in the summary at the top. I mean, he *does* sorta help them up until the point where the writer decides he's superfluous.
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