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Alden Bates

ST:E, Congenitor

Congenitor: A first contact situation occurs while studying a red giant.

Enterprise spies out a giant red star which will go nova in a hundred years or two, which allows Trip to tease T'Pol about her longevity again. They spot another ship and hail. The alien ship offers to help them modify their sensors to detect some technobabble and Enterprise invites them on board. Archer says to warn Chef they're about to have visitors (WTF? How is Chef going to know what they eat? Just cook something bland and hope they're not allergic to it?)

Ha! I knew I recognesed Andreas Katsulas' voice. He has dinner with Archer. Meanwhile, Trip and Reed entertain two female Vissians, and then Trip is startled to find that the Vissians have three genders, the third being the congenitor. He goes and consults Phlox. Who has pictures. Trip passes on the Vissian porn.

Archer and Andreas go for a fly in the sun because the Vissians have METAPHASIC SHIELDING, which we've never heard of before. No. And Andreas reveals he's been reading Shakespeare. Trip asks the Vissian engineering officer about cogenitors, which appear to be treated pretty impersonally.

Archer tells T'Pol he's going to go on a 3day trip into the sun with Andreas, and then Trip talks to her about the cogenitor the Vissians have on board. He's concerned that the cogenitor is not being treated as a full being. She tells him "STFU n00b", so he goes to talk to Phlox instead.

Reed is hanging around with one of the female Vissian tactical officer, Traistana, from earlier and they feed each other cheese. But.. but... he's ambiguously gay. He's not allowed to show interest in anyone. Meanwhile Archer and Andreas hang around in their metaphasic shielding pod, and Trip checks out the Vissian engineering. The engineer invites him to dinner. At dinner, he gets scans of the cogenitor, and later consults Phlox, who says the cogenitor has the same mental capacity as the other Vissians.

I can see an impending diplomatic incident on the way.

Pointless B-plot scene with Archer and Andreas in the pod. Actually, it's more like a C-plot.

Trip sneaks out to teach the cogenitor to read, and gives him/her/it the congenitor rights speech. They still have speak and spells in the future.

Over in the B-plot, Archer and Andreas cruise around some more.

In the C-plot, Traistana is unimpressed with Reed's equipment. I mean, with Reed's warhead. I mean, with Reed's phase cannon assembly. Then she says she wants to have sex with him, and he brains himself against the nearest ceiling. Because he's gay.

In the A-plot, the congenitor has learnt to read in a few hours and Trip is giving him/her/it career options. WHOOP WHOOP. We have diplomatic incident sign. The congenitor announces his/her/its name shall be Charles.

Back in the B-plot, Archer demonstrates his body-surfing skills(!!!).

Trip takes Charles on a tour of Enterprise. And shows Charles a list of potential movies to watch, including "Dixon Hill and the Black Orchid" and "Bride of Chaotica". OMG, we are so wanky. "It Came From Beneath the Refrigerator" is an excellent SF title though. Trip manages to pick the only real movie in the list (The Day the Earth Stood Still).

So they not only have time for Charles to learn to read, tour the Enterprise, watch a movie, and learn to play a game with Trip good enough to beat him, and no one's noticed he's gone?

T'Pol tells Trip he's persona non grata on the Vissian ship and she tells him he's a fecking n00b. Later Charles complains to Trip that the other Vissians don't want to help him/her/it, and he/she/it wants to stay on Enterprise.

Archer and Andreas return, and (after T'Pol fills him in) Archer bitches out Trip (WHEN PLOTLINES COLLIDE, TONIGHT ON UPN!). Archer wants to send Charles back, but Charles asks for asylum. Archer talks to Andreas and the engineering couple, and decides Charles must go back to the Vissians. The Vissian ship departs.

Later on, they get a call from Andreas. Archer calls Trip in and says the cogenitor committed suicide. Archer bitches at him some more. Teh end.

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