Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Bounty

Two! Two episodes left in season 2! ahahahahahaha!

Bounty: While Archer is captured by a bounty hunter, T'Pol proves she is really a man by undergoing Pon Farr.

Archer and Trip joke about mountain climbing while they return to the bridge to talk to some Tellerites. Captain Sclar demands to know what Enterprise is doing there, then starts giving them tourism tips. As soon as they let him on board, he phasers Archer and Trip.

That went about as well as could be expected.

The Tellerite ship zaps one of Enterprise's nacelles, then nips off with Archer. He comes around to find himself in a cell. Sclar is not forthcoming.

Phlox and T'Pol hang out in decontamination cause they're picked up some nasty germ. Apparently Phlox is incomfortable with being un his underwear.

Sclar appears to be going to turn Archer over to the Klingons, cause he escaped prison.

Enterprise finds a decoy buoy. Yayness.

Archer tries to reason with Sclar, but he's only interested in money, so cut back to T'Pol in her underwear. T'Pol seems agitated, and attempts to leave decontamination. Phlox suggests a sedative.

Sclar wants to buy his ship back, or something. Then another bounty hunter turns up and demands Sclar turns over Archer. Phaser fire ensues, and Sclar releases the prisoner to help fly the ship. They duck into a planet's atmosphere to try to lose the other bounty hunter. Both ships end up going down.

T'Pol appears to be coming on to Phlox. Why, it's almost like she's undergoing Pon Farr. But only Vulcan males go through that. *sigh* Braga, Berman, I keel you now.

So how the flying frell does that work? Are all Vulcan biological clocks synchronised? No, because Vorik and Tuvok underwent Pon Farr at different times. So what happens when one member of a Vulcan marriage goes into Pon Farr when the other doesn't? The non-Pon-Farring Vulcan lies back and takes one for the team, so to speak, because it's logical?

Anyway! Back in the non-continuity-reaming plotline, Archer "helps" Sclar fix his ship and makes smalltalk. Then the engine starts smoking.

Phlox attempts to find a medical treatment for T'Pol, while she attempts to sexor him. Trip turns up with food, and says they're still trying to track Archer. Enterprise has indeed reached the planet where the two ships went down. They contact the other bounty hunter who says Archer's probably halfway to Klingon space by now. Enterprise sets off towards Klingon space.

Sclar visits a trading outpost in search of a replacement part, but his ex-mate says his cargo ship was cannibalised by the Klingons and is no longer in working order. Archer tries the reasoning approach again.

Phlox attempts to give T'Pol an injection. She ends up rendering him unconscious and making her escape from decontamination. They seal off E deck and search for her in EV suits. She finds Reed and starts coming onto him. He resists to maintain his ambiguous sexuality, and she runs off until they trap and stun her.

Sclar turns Archer over to the Klingons, who underpay him and warp off. He then contacts Enterprise.

Archer, meanwhile, escapes his cuffs and uses a device concealed in them to unlock his cell door, and then beats the Klingon guard unconscious with them. He manages to get to an escape pod and leave the Klingon ship. That's a relief. For a minute there, I thought he was going to singlehandedly take out the entire crew. That would have been silly.

Enterprise turns up, engages the Klingon ship, grabs the escape pot, and makes off.

T'Pol comes around in decontamination, now over the Pon Farr, and swears Phlox to secrecy. Archer returns to the bridge, and thanks Sclar for the lockpick. Teh end.
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