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ST:E, The Expanse - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-12-23 18:37
Subject: ST:E, The Expanse
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The Expanse: A probe appears over Earth and burns a swath of destruction across Florida and Venezuela.

So... er, that was odd. Probe thingee jumped out of nowhere and blew up a wee bit of Earth. Half-assed Vogons? Nice SFX though.

Meanwhile, some Klingons are grumbling about the fact that Archer's still free, and send Duras after him.

On Enterprise, Archer informs the crew there's been an attack on Earth. Enterprise has been recalled. Trip's anxious to know what part of Florida got hit, cause he has a sister who lives there. Then Reed reports incoming Suliban ships, and Archer is kidnapped.

Silik takes Archer to see Future Guy, who says the probe was sent by the Xindi, who knew that humans would destroy their world in 400 years time because they were warned by people from the future. The probe was a test, and the Xindi are working on a bigger weapon. (Er, so why send a prototype when it'll warn the humans?) Archer is returned to Enterprise and the Suliban leave, having fulfilled their purpose as an expositionary device.

The death toll now stands at 7 million people. As Enterprise nears Earth, a Klingon ship attacks and demands Archer. However, at this point, three Starfleet ships turn up and dork on the Klingons, forcing them to retreat.

Archer tells Admiral Forrest he wants to take the Enterprise to find the Xindi - the coordinates he was given are inside the Delphic expanse, an extremely dangerous area of space. Forrester says they need proof - Archer provides it by demonstrating that a piece of the probe was manufactured 400 years in the future.

A Vulcan doctor checks out Archer and makes smalltalk about people from the future, then Phlox finds the Vulcan is a psychologist and he and Archer promptly throw him off the ship.

Reed and Trip check out the smoking crater where his sister's house was, while Archer and Forrester check out the under-construction NX-02. They're talking about putting military on board Enterprise. T'Pol and Phlox discuss staying on board - T'Pol's been recalled by the High Command, but Phlox gives her a talk.

Oooo, new missiles.

Archer views footage from a Vulcan ship which entered the enpanse - the crew going insane and turning on each other.

Enterprise emerges from spacedock, having been upgraded. The Klingons are waiting. Or something.

Archer and Trip have a drinkie. Jeeze, Trip has the killing rage. They're interrupted by the Klingons but a few photon torpedoes knock the Bird of Prey out of warp. The ship continues on its way to Vulcan to drop T'Pol off. She talks Archer into letting her stay, and they set a course for the Delphic Expanse.

Soem seven weeks later, they actually get there and head in to the clouds surrounding the expanse. Three Klingon ships appear to have followed them in. Hey, evasive manouvres are actually working for a change.

The Klingons give them a call, and Archer tells them "go to hell". Enterprise continues in, losing two of the BOPs. Using a cunning plan, they get behind the Klingon ship and destroy it.

Enterprise scoots on into the expanse. Teh end.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2005-12-23 07:09 (UTC)
Subject: Jeff's View
The Expanse has its' problems, particularly the idiotic Xindi stratagem of launching a pre-emptive strike that does nothing but alert Earth to the threat, but it is nonetheless one of the best episodes of the series. For one thing, it's grim as hell - at last, the happy go lucky aimlessness of the series has been done away with, and the show has a focus to it. The Temporal Cold War 'arc' certainly didn't provide any backbone to the random galaxy-wandering up to this point.

Scott Bakula manages to act like a captain for the first time, though he still has the petulance that makes A Night In Sickbay such total dross. Trip's anger at the loss of his sister and seven million other people is well played, also. The 9/11 parallels are pathetically obvious - like Stigma, brick-to-the-head bluntness is Braga's idea of subtlety.

One more end takes place here - from now until the end of the series, B&B only write three or four more scripts. The fact that the show jumps up in quality by a large margin from Season 3 onwards has nothing to do with this, of course.
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User: scarfman
Date: 2005-12-23 16:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

I thought - still think - The Expanse implied that Duras' other two ships were going to follow Archer all the way to the Expanse, yet we never see Duras again in the whole series, even in Season Four when the continuity corps takes over. What's up with that? (Or was Duras after all on the one bird-of-prey that got blown up?)

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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2005-12-24 00:11 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The other two ships (I'm pretty sure it was showen that Duras' ship was the one which Enterprise destroyed, though I dunno how this affects the house of Duras in the future Treks!) appeared to have veered off, as the Klingon on them were too chicken to enter the expanse.
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User: scarfman
Date: 2005-12-24 16:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Well, if it was Archer's-nemesis-Duras who died at the end of The Expanse that'd sure explain why I never saw him again.

But that needn't screw up later Trek continuity. If Mogh-nemesis-Duras was Archer-nemesis-Duras' son or direct descendant, he or the intervening ancestor(s) need only have already been born by The Expanse. Or maybe he was a collateral descendant. Or maybe Archer-nemesis-Duras had no one to inherit the name and Mogh-nemesis-Duras took it when he was knighted, like in John M. Ford's novel The Final Reflection when the Klingon protagonist takes his foster-father's name upon earning one. Or maybe Duras is the Klingon equivalent of Smith.

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