Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

TSV 33 Progress

At last some more time to work on this. :P

Text items: 35/36
Graphic items: 0/44

I'm watching The Web Planet now. It's hilariously bad in places, but my favourite bit is near the start:

Ian: Ah! How do we open the doors? We have no power!
Doctor: eh, uh [flicks switch, doors don't open] dear dear dear *flicks switch again*
Ian: Hmm?
Doctor: Yes, well, I, ah, I didn't want to, ah...
Ian: Hmm?
Doctor: [removes ring] This is not merely a decorative object! [pats Ian]
Ian: [gives WTF look]
Doctor: come along, come along [adjusts some equipment and waves hand in front of light]
[doors open]
Doctor: [runs through doors giggling]
Ian: [gives WTF look, follows Doctor]

And the Doctor spends pretty much the rest of the episode pottering about on Vortis, giggling and chucking bits of clothing into pools of acid.
Tags: doctor who, tsv

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