Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Xindi

The Xindi: Enterprise goes looking for the Xindi homeworld.

Previously on Enterprise, shit happened. Now on Enterprise: a bunch of various life forms whom have never ever appeared before on Star Trek have a discussion.

OMG, it's the light lounge version of the Enterprise theme. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GUITAR POWER CHORDS?! DAMN YOU, BRAGA! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

Archer goes into exposition mode at Reed, who goes "uh, yes." repeatedly, because he already knows what Archer's ranting about. Hay, it's Daniel Dae Kim. Hoshi says hi to the army dudes.

Trip shows Archer a cargo bay where the containers appear to be bouncing off the wall. They seal it off.

Phlox and T'Pol look at bits of Xindi, and Phlox suggests she help Trip by alloying Vulcan neuro-pressure to help him sleep, since his sister died. Apparently Trip is not very enthuiastic at the idea.

Aaand, Archer and Reed appear to be visiting some sort of mining colony. The foreman is a bit of a flake. He hands them a severed finger from a Xindi miner. Charming fellow.

Trip has bad dreams with totally awsome special effects, and asks Phlox again for something to help him sleep.

Phlox says the finger nearly matches the DNA from the corpse. Archer takes down the payment the foreman asked for, and he takes them to see the Xindi miner. They ask where the Xinid homeworld is, and he asks for help escaping. Trip threatens bodily injury, but it doesn't help. T'Pol radios that they have three incoming ships. The foreman tells Enterprise that the landing pad is being ionised for the incoming cargo ships.

Archer, Trip and the Xindi walk through sewerage. Yum! And start climbing up a shaft. Meanwhile, Enterprise dispatches a Shuttlepod full of space marines to launch a rescue. The Xindi miner explains there are five distinct species of Xindi, which is why the Xindi corpse is different to the miner.

The foreman reroutes plasma through the duct which Archer and co are in, forcing them to jump into a service corridor, where a bunch of guards capture them. The foreman orders them shot. However at this point the marines arrive and start fragging. The Xindi miner is shot during the escape, but they bring him up in the shuttlepod, then Enterprise warps off.

The miner dies, but gives the coordinates of his homeworld before he goes. Phlox sends Trip to T'Pol's quarters and she takes her top off and gets him to poke her back. Then he gets annoyed when she tells her why Phlox sent him.

Enterprise reaches the coordinates to find a debris field - all that remains of of a planet destroyed over a hundred years ago. Archer goes spare. Meanwhile, the Xindi council deliberates some more. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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