Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Rajiin

Rajiin: Enterprise accidentally picks up a sex slave.

The Xindi council deliberate some more. Y'know, they could improve the insect Xindi quite a lot by using motion capture. The aquatic ones are cool though.

Also, the new theme tune sucks, but I mentioned that before.

Trip and T'Pol do more massage porn. Trip wants to stop cause people are talking, but T'Pol talks him out of it. Archer appears to be having a bad dream.Oh, and he's still recoving from the plague he got last episode.

Archer, Trip and Reed go visit some trading colony to find out about insulating their ship against the anomolies. Also the trader said some Xindi were there recently, so Archer and Reed visit a chap who tries to sell them slave women. Then one of said slave women tries to escape and there's a fight. This can't end well.

Phlox checks out the escaped slave girl, Rajiin. Archer doesn't get very far in finding out if she has family. Frankly I think he's just been out in space too long.

The original trader gives them the recipie for Trellium D in exchange for some Earth spices. Archer makes small talk with Rajiin.

Trip and T'Pol tell Archer Trellium D will be extremely unstable, but they think they can synthesize it safely. That definately won't go well. Archer tells Rajiin they've located her homeworld, and then they have sexings and she makes him glow. Oh, wait, no they don't. Or something. Archer looks as confused as the audience is right now.

The first attempt to synthesize Trellium D explodes. Fortunately no one is injured.

Hoshi finds Rajiin looking at the transporter and they duck into the turbolift for implied lesbian sexings. Damn Trek. Then Rajiin doges and does glowy sexings with T'Pol. Now she'll have Vulcan AIDS. There's a struggle and Trip arrives to find T'Pol lying on the floow. Rajiin hits him with something and runs out.

They catch her by the transporter and stick her in the brig. Archer interrogates her a bit, but doesn't get any new info, and two Xindi ships turn up and attack Enterprise. Rajiin says the Xindi are building a bio-weapon, but doesn't have any more info than that.

Xindi board Enterprise and head for the brig, where they retrieve Rajiin and make off. Enterprise is unable to pursue. Phlox examines a dead Xindi and they check out a gun they left behind.

The Xindi council bitch at each other some more, and then they bring in Rajiin, who shows off the bio data she acquired. Teh end.

Er, what happened to the "we're synthesizing Trellium D!" B-plot?
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