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ST:E, Impulse - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-12-27 18:36
Subject: ST:E, Impulse
Security: Public
Impulse: Enterprise answers a distress call from a Vulcan ship.

Archer and Phlox frantically strap down a wild T'Pol. Bondage? Already?

After the opening titles, Phlox sedates her and sticks her in the scanner. Flashback to a day earlier: Trip suggests the crew needs some R&R, and suggests starting up movie night.

Hoshi picks up a Vulcan distress call, and Enterprise heads on over to investigate. Oh, come on, that asteroid field is impossibly dense. They take a shuttlepod in. Meanwhile, Trip beams on samples of Trellium ore, and damages the transporter. Mayweather suggests talking a shuttle and landing on one of the bigger ones.

The away team boards the Vulcan ship (Selaya) and look for Vulcans. The first one they find attacks them and they have to stun him, and two more who turn up. Reed and a marine (Hawkins) get into a fight with more Vulcans. But then their way to the airlock is cut off. they decide to make for the sick bay, cause they're injured, but T'Pol is worried the rage is starting to affect her.

Trip and Mayweather land on an asteroid and set about trying to find Trellium.

T'Pol tries to talk to one of the zombie Vulcans, but doesn't get very far. The group heads for engineering so they can open the bulkheads to the airlock...

Hey, this is a pretty good story, even if they did nick the rage virus off 28 Days Later.

Hawkins apologises to T'Pol for suggesting they put their weapons on kill. T'Pol says Vulcans used to have paranoia and homicidal rage as common traits(!!) Reed and Archer run into a couple of Vulcans and subdue them.

A spacial anomoly shoots the asteroid Trip and Mayweather are on into a denser part of the asteroid field, and they start making their way out.

Archer radios Enterprise and asks for reinforcements, but Trip says they beat up the other shuttlepod pretty bad. Meanwhile, T'Pol goes nutty and pulls a gun on Archer.

Phlox says the Trellium D is to blame for Vulcans going nutty - he can treat T'Pol, but the other Vulcans have been exposed too long and ARE DOOOOOOOOOOMED! Withe zombie Vulcans closing in, the party make their way back up to the airlock. Oh, the ship's exploding. Greeeeat.

They're forced to make a temporary bridge using a girder over a hole in the ship, and then Archer has to stun T'Pol and carry her across. They manage to get into the shuttle, and shuttlepod 2 turns up in time to phaser the docking clamps. Then the ship explodes.

Phlox tells Archer his treatment is a success, and T'Pol is recovering. She tells Archer to use the Trellium D to protect the ship, despite the fact it'll harm her, but he refuses.

Later in movie time, T'Pol tells Trip and Phlox to STFU, then thare are Vulcan Turbozombies and she wakes up in a panic. Teh end.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2005-12-27 07:14 (UTC)
Subject: Jeff's View
28 Stardates Later, or, Night Of The Logical Dead. Pure zombie film
revival cash-in stuff, but fast-paced and good fun. Not every episode
has to have a moral or a point to it beyond entertainment; and it's
about time Trek did a proper zombie story. The events of this ep have
repercussions later on in the series, so it's not just a horror tale.

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User: scarfman
Date: 2005-12-27 15:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Toldja they'd get back to the trellium-D.

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