Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:E, Exile

Exile: Hoshi is contacted by a telepath who offers help in finding the Xindi in return for her company.

Hoshi hears voices, then sees someone who promptly disappears. Then the stupid soft-pop theme cuts in. There are octogenarians who rock harder than the new theme.

T'Pol, who's completely recovered from going nuts, has been analysing the anomolies, and has detected a second Death Star. They set a course.

Meanwhile, Reed and Hoshi are having no luck finding any sensor readings for her intruder (Wait, since when did Reed know about insectoid Xindi?), so Hoshi seeks medical help, with no more success. Later in the command centre, she hallucinates the fellow again and has a bit of a Matrix moment with the monitors. Now... she's in a castle... until Reed interrupts her hallucination. Archer asks Reed to put her under observation.

Hoshi feeds Phlox's animals, and then the alien speaks to her through the image of Phlox, then they talk in a garden and offered to help find the Xindi. Archer isn't convinced, but detours the ship to the alien's planet.

In the castle on the planet, they meet the alien, Tarquin, who asks for an artifact so he can figure out where it came from, in exchange for Hoshi's company. Archer drops her and a piece of the Xindi superweapon with him. He serves her pizza and hamburger. Tarqiun explains he was exiled because he was one of the rare few of his race born a telepath.

Enterprise nears the sphere, and encounters some nasty anomolies. Archer orders Trip to insulate a pod with Trellium D, which will take a few days.

Tarquin demonstrates his funky telepathomatic orb, and she sees a clips show. Later she looks at flowers and goes outside, where she sees a couple of graves - former companions who died because he's so long lived. He seems to expect Hoshi will stay with him too, but she tells him she has no intention of doing so. He tries to convince her some more in human form. Time to dust off the ol' tin foil cap.

Trip and Archer take the protected shuttlepod out, so obviously several days passed in the last scenes. They nip through the cloaking barrier, but find the sensor relays were damaged, and they'd have to return to Enterprise to fix them. Archer decides to land so they can fix the sensorts there.

Unfortunately, Trip accidentally triggers the port thruster, and they have to use their phase piistols to shoot it out so the shuttle falls back down to the death star surface. After grabbing scans, they return to Enterprise and set a course to pick up Hoshi.

Archer appears in Hoshi's room and asks her to stay with Tarquin. She realises that it's a hallucination created by Tarquin. Meanwhile, Enterprise suffers total and catastrophic power failure. Tarquin says if Hoshi agrees to stay, he'll release Enterprise. "over 80 people"? I thought the Enterprise crew was over a hundred.

Hoshi theatens to smash his telepathomatic orb, and he releases the ship and lets Hoshi return to it.

T'Pol does further analysis and believes there are at least 50 spheres. Archer wonders who would want to create the expanse with dozens of spheres.

Tarquin appears to Hoshi and gives her some co-ordinates to a Xindi colony where a particle weapon is being built. Teh end.

That was a very TOS plot...
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