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ST:E, Similitude

Happy new year everyone!

Similitude: Trip gets brain-damage and they grow a clone to replace his brain tissue.

They have Trip's funeral. Despite being dead, he still manages to get more screen time than Mayweather.

Rewind two weeks, and Trip and T'Pol are giving each other foot rubs. Look, stop fannying around. If you're going to have Trip and T'Pol shag, just do it. Then Trip tries out a new technique. Sadly it's a new technique for making the ship go faster without wobbling. This doesn't work, and they have to shut the warp engines down. Unfortunately while doing so, Trip gets blown up.

While they repair the ship, Trip is in a coma with severe neurological damage and may not recover. Phlox has a deux ex machine greebly which, when given DNA, will go through the DNA's life cycle, creating a clone. He can extract brain tissue from the clone to fix the original Trip. the clone will only have a 15 day life span. I guess dead Trip in the pre-credits teaser was the clone then, huh?

T'Pol says they need to get the engine back online cause the radiation field they're in is dangerous. She also expresses her concerns over growing Trip clone, but Archer says there's no alternative. Phlox begins the procedure....

TripClone reaches baby stage, and Phlox ponders what to name him. he decides on Sim. Sim grows up rapidly, and learns to speak English and stuff. Methinks Archer is bonding a bit too much with miniTrip, who starts asking questions about where is parents are. Archer shows him Trip. Hmm, won't the transplaneted neural tissue age at the same rate as miniTrip?

MiniTrip helps T'Pol in fixing the engines. They did pretty good finding an actor who looks like Trip... T'Pol tells Archer that the engines will be fixed in three weeks, but the ship only has 4 days before the particle buildup incapacitates the ship.

SimTrip reaches Trip-size and comes up with a plan to tow the ship out using shuttlepods. SimTrip asks T'Pol if she and Trip had a relationship, because he fancies her something rotten. SimTrip wants to pilot one of the shuttlepods but Archer wants Reed and Mayweather to do it.

The two shuttlepods launch and start towing Enterprise. You know it's a good thing that have that Suliban cell ship, because they can use that to oh wait they don't. The plan works, and Enterprise is on its way out of the field.

Phlox breaks the news to Archer that SimTrip won't survive the brain transplant. They talk it over with SimTrip, and Phlox reveals there's an experimental enzyme which could prolong SimTrip's lifespan to human norm. Wooo, ethical dilemma a go go.

Later, Archer finds SimTrip in Trip's quarters, and they argue over SimTrip's status, and whether they should let Trip die in his favour. Wow, Archer's going psychotic. Dude. SimTrip goes to spend his last hours in engineering. But then Archer finds him in the launch bay.

T'Pol thanks SimTrip for hanging around to fix Trip, and snogs him. Then he reports to sick bay where Phlox and unshaven Archer are awaiting.

Later, Trip attends SimTrip's funeral. Teh end.
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