Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Chosen Realm

Chosen Realm: Enterprise is taken over by suicide bombers.

Enterprise finds a third sphere, exactly the same as the first two. Some aliens are spying on Enterprise though.

T'Pol works on the data brought back, but then they get a distress call from a limping ship, and dock with it. Archer makes with the hospitality. The aliens worship the spheres or whatever. They believe there are thousands of sphere, but T'Pol agues there are only 50 or so. One of the aliens visits sick bay to ask Phlox about a procedure.

Then three of them meet in the mess hall to discuss their plan. Their leader announces to Archer that his men are distributed around ste ship with organic explosives. One blows himself up to prove this, and the alien leader demands Archer turn the ship over to him.

The crew is escourted to their quarters, except Phlox wo stays in sick bay to treat some patients, and Trip who's staying in engineering. Oh, and Mayweather and T'Pol who are hanging out on the bridge.

The first action is to destroy the alien's old ship. The head alien is taking Enterprise back to his planet to fight his religious war. He tells Archer he must choose one member of his crew to be killed to atone for Enterprise's work in charting the spheres, and erases all of their data on the spheres. Archer looks extremely irritated.

Archer starts chatting to one of the aliens who doesn't believe as much in the religion and sow seeds of discord or something. Then he chats with their leader some more, who's still a religious nut, and says he's chosen himself to make the sacrifice. He chooses death by transporter. Cunning.

Doubting alien speaks to leader nut, who tells him he's being heretical.

Archer communicates with Phlox, who says he needs internal scans of the aliens in order to neutralise the organix explosives, so Archer kidnaps one of the aliens and gives him a good scanning. Then he goes and starts disrupting power. Then he talks to doubting alien and suggests he help and avoid any more suicide bombings.

Some of the heretical aliens turn up in ships and there's a battle. Meanwhile, Phlox puts a neutralising agent in the environmental systems to neutralise the organic explosives, and Archer and Reed set about retaking the ship.

They return to the aliens' homeworld, which is in ruin following a massively destructive war. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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