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ST:E, Proving Ground - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2006-01-03 18:26
Subject: ST:E, Proving Ground
Security: Public
Proving Ground: Shran turns up to help Enterprise investigate a prototype of the Xindi weapon.

Wow, a previously on Enterprise! But it's not a double episode. Jeeze, are they going to repeat the entire plot arc up to now? Yes, yes, they lost track of that tracking signal. Hey, look, there's Jeff Combs again. The Andorrians are tracking Enterprise in the expanse, by the sounds. That's nice of them. I think. But what did that have to do with "The Shipment" which they just heavily repeated footage from?

The Xindi council have a meeting because a new prototype weapon is ready, with the main weapon a month away.

Meanwhile, Enterprise scooches along, and Hoshi says she's detected the isotope they modified in "The Shipment". Oh, and apparently they do have backups of the sphere data, as they were able to recover about 30% of the data. Wow, great backups.

They get eaten by an anomoly, but a ship pulls them out with a tractor beam. Ah, it's the Andorrians. Jeff points out the Vulcans are bizarrely not interested in helping Enterprise, but the Andorrians are offering their help.

Photon torpedoes have a safe mode? They run on Windows?! They're lucky to be alive! ;)

T'Pol explains to Archer how the Vulcan/Andorrian relationship soured, but Archer is confident they can trust the Andorrians. A female Andorrian named Talis comes looking for Reed, and Trip leaves them to it. Meanwhile, Jeff and Archer chat over dinner. Ship fixing is done. Reed doesn't seem to be getting on with Talis, but apologises when he realises he's been a dick.

Back underway, they continue on their way and locate the starsystem where the marked isotope is located and find it's a proving ground.

Trip asks Jeff about getting hold of a more advanced anti-matter injecter and after they bond a bit over dead siblings, Jeff agrees.

The Xindi go to test their second prototype, but a ship enters the system and they abort. Ah, it's Jeff and his ship pretending to be miners. They take some scans before the Xindi tell them to piss off. Archer wants to steal the prototype so StarFleet can formulate a defence. Reed bonds with Talis some more, jepardising his ambiguous sexuality.

The Xindi test their prototype, (mostly) destroying a small moon. The Xindi council aren't entirely impressed.

Jeff offers to use his ship to grab the prototype, which is emitting radiation. But this leads a bit to an argument because Archer wants to be in charge. Jeff goes back to his ship and contacts his superiors - it appears he wants to keep the weapon for the Andorrians.

Enterprise provides a diversion drawing two of the ships off, while the Andorrian ship nips in and grabs the weapon. Archer is surprised when Jeff orders the ship back to Andorria. Surprised enough to swear.

They argue for a bit, then Archer punches Jeff. Great. They drop Archer off in an escape pod and Enterprise picks him up, and then they go find the Andorrians.

Archer says they've got the activation codes for the Xindi weapon and are ready to set it off if it's not turned over. T'Pol activates it, and Jeff ends up dumping it before it explodes.

Enterprise proceeds on its mission, but one of the Andorrians secretly sends scans of the prototype, which Archer forwards on to StarFleet. Teh end.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-01-05 07:09 (UTC)
Subject: Jeff's View
Is it too late to reboot the show with Shran as the captain? Jeff Combs once again proves he's twice as good an actor as any of the regular cast in this rousing tale. This is more more like it, Manny! Decent stories at long bloody blast. The bit where Shran pretends to be a mining foreman is hilariously well played. The Andorians are the definite highlight of Enterprise, in that they are well-rounded, complex beings with realistic motivations and three-dimensional behaviour. A contrast indeed to the Vulcans and Klingons, who are both one-shaded stereotypes. Shran calling Archer 'pinkskin' is a nice little catchphrase, but Archer (like all Caucasians) is even less pink than he is white. Odd.
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