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ST:E, Stratagem

BTW, if there is anyone who is reading this who hasn't seen the episodes and is finding the episode descriptions too spoilerly, feel free to sing out.

Stratagem: The Xindi weapon designer finds himself escaping a prison with Archer.

Archer's looking pretty scruffy there. He appears to be with a Xindi-humanoid named Degra who's suffering memory loss. Archer says they've just escaped from 3 years in a Xindi prison, and the war is over. Degra is going WTF, just like, I suspect, most of the audience right now. Degra, as I haven't mentioned, is the Xindi who was developing the superweapon they were going to use to destroy Earth.

Archer explains after Earth was destroyed, the Xindi started attacking each other again, hence Degra ended up in an Xindi-insectoid prison. Degra finds he has a blood worm in his arm, so Archer operates and extracts it. Yum!

Then Archer explains more about how they got to work together and escape, and how the Xindi-insectoids destoryed Enterprise and killed the rest of his crew. Archer offers to help him find his family, but he doubts their colony would have survived. then there's a coolent rupture, which they have to seal - though Archer passes out, Degra plugs the leak and brings him round.

That night, Archer injects Dagra with somwthing, then emerges from the ship - it's a simulator. He chats with the rest of the crew who aren't sure where the red giant is that Degra mentioned.

Three days earlier, Enterprise visited the proving ground from the previous episode and encountered Degra's ship, disabling it. Though they took the ship, most of the Xindi data was deleted. Phlox came up with the plan to erase the Xindi's most recent memories and they set about making up the simulator, etc. There they go with the whole Regulan Bloodworm thing again.

Back in the simulator, Archer gets Degra to give them a top secret communications frequency. Then they get drunk and bond some more. Then Hoshi fakes a message from one of Degra's mates, and they get the coordinates to the red giant planet, but aren't sure if that's where the seapon is.

Then there's problems with the hydrolics caused by radiation from the debris field, and they have to move Enterprise out.

Degra gets suspicious, questions Archer some more, then pulls a knife on Archer. The rest of the crew burst in and seperate them...

The Enterprise crew debate over whether the coordinates they have are where the weapon is or not. Then they have a go at opening one of those subspace vortex thingees the Xindi use to get around, and try unsuccessfully to get a Xindi engineer to help. They reach the red giant - a three week journey in a matter of minutes. Degra announces they won't get near the weapon, then Archer reveals it was, in fact, another ruse. Now they know the weapon is at the red giant. Classy.

They wipe the Xindi's memories, return them unconsious to their ship, then start heading for the red giant. Teh end.

Wow, that was actually another excellent episode! They keep this up, I may well be impressed!

Edit: It really doesn't say much for the Xindi that their top scientist falls for the same trick twice, in the same episode...
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