Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders: For Enterprise to travel through an anomolous region of space, most of the crew has to be put into temporary sleep.

What? No previously on Enterprise? Just shots of deserted ship interiors. "Hey, Brannon! Did we forget to pay the actors again?!" Oh, there's Phlox chasing Porthos. Phlox lets him in to where Archer is snoozing.

Enterprise continues through blue/pink space. Phlox talks to Porthos some more, and they go for walkies and Phlox does a brief expositionary flashback. Why, this is like the episode of Voyager where HoloDoc and Seven are the only ones awake.

More flashback bits of Phlox getting instructions and putting Archer under. Then while in engineering, Phlox hears a noise. More shots of Phlox jogging, wandering around nude, feeding animals, etc, the usual things then? While watching movies in the mess hall he hears noises again and goes to investigate.

It turns out to be a chain being nudged by a steam vent. He complains to T'Pol a bit and tries to convince her to keep him company for a while.

Later he hears noises again and sees something moving, but T'Pol is on the bridge. Later still, they share a meal and bond a bit.

While checking on Archer, Phlox sees something on the winghull. and consults with T'Pol, but scans show nothing unusual on or offboard. She suggests he gets some rest.

He attempts to do more rounds and encounters insectoid Xindi which may or may not be hallucinations. T'Pol is sceptical, but he grabs a gun and starts looking. Phlox starts tracking a biosignature, which turns out to be Porthos. T'Pol thinks he's been under stress. Phlox blusters and marches off.

Then he gets a calls from Hoshi and rushes to her quarters to find her in the shower with her skin melting, Then he realises she's still in bed and fine - he *is* hallucinating. Then he sees Archer before T'Pol finds him.

After a checkup, Phlox determines he was, indeed, hallucinating. He asks T'Pol to monitor the crew while he puts himself under, but she admits the altered space is affecting her as well. They're only 6 hours to getting out anyway.

At the tiem they expect to emerge, they discover the ship is still in the anomoly. Rechecking the sensor data, they find the ship will still be in the anomoly for another ten weeks. T'Pol suggests going to warp, then they argue over who's going to do it. Then they attempt to read the manual.

Phlox hallucinates Trip telling him that it's a bad idea. Which it pretty much is. They manage, after some messing around, to get to warp 2 and clear the anomoly. Phlox starts waking the crew, then realises that T'Pol has been unconscious the whole time. Nice twist. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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