Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Hatchery

Hatchery: Enterprise locates a crashed Xindi ship containing a hatchery.

Previously on Enterprise. Does a possible future count as a flashback?

Enterprise has located a crashed Xindi ship on a planet. Archer tells Reed to put a team together. This is no time to be playing vollyball! ... what?

They nip down to check out the Xindi ship, shich is doing a good impression of the ship in Alien. Inside, they find dead insectoid Xindi and a pressurised area. In the pressurized area, they find a hatchery with insectoid young. One of the eggs spits on Archer, but Phlox says it's harmless. Reed brings up the two corpses and a Xindi shuttle.

Archer assigns a team to repair the hatchery's life support, to Trip and T'Pol's protests.

Trip and Mayweather fiddle with the Xindi shuttle, while Phlox autopsies the corpses. The first attempt to repair the life support for the hatchery does not go well, and a Xindi is born but quickly dies. Archer is firm that no more Xindi young will die.

Trip determines that it will take a third of the antimatter reserves to power up the Xindi ship. The senior officers are somewhat concerned that Archer is putting the Xindi ahead of the ship. T'Pol talks to Archer, and he relieves her as first officer. Trip has a talk to Archer, then goes to T'Pol, who suggests Trip get Phlox to give Archer an exam.

An insectoid ship turns up and attacks then runs away again. What? Reed destroys the ship, which pisses off Archer, who demotes Reed and puts Hayes in charge of security.

Trip and Phlox try to get Archer to undergo an exam, but he refuses. They regroup in sickbay.

Archer powers up the Xindi ship and the eggs start hatching.

Mutany! Wooooo! They take the armory and transport down to the Xindi ship where they find Archer helping Xindi hatch. Meanwhile, the mutany takes over the bridge.

Phlox finds that the stuff the egg spat on Archer made him have maternal feelings towards the eggs. After he's recovered, Trip apologises for stunning him. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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