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ST:E, Damage - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2006-01-06 18:44
Subject: ST:E, Damage
Security: Public
Damage: With Enterprise badly damaged, the crew has to mount repairs.

Previously on Enterprise, some stuff happened. Enterprise is under heavy Xindi attack, which suddenly and abruptly ceases, and the Xindi sod off. Enterprise is, however, to damaged to do anything, like, say, run away.

*cue crappy theme tune*

There's a debate about whether it was right to call off the attack. There's Xindi infighting, etc, and the reptilians are ordered to release Archer to them for further interrogation. Sloth Xindi sounds a bit like Sisko from DS9.

The Enterprise crew set about repairs. Trip says the Warp drive is frelled - they have no parts to fix it.

Archer comes around on an aquatic-Xindi ship, and they promptly knock him out aain.

A one-man Xindi ship approaches Enterprise and they find Archer inside, battered by not broken. He finds there are fourteen casualties, and the ship's repairs are ongoing. T'Pol is having problems and may be turning into a zombie. They zoom around hiding behind moons and stuff, while Hoshi tries to translate aquatic-Xindi speech.

T'Pol says they've received a call from a heavily-damage ship, which they rendezvous with. Archer tries to trad Trellium for a warp coil, but the other ship doesn't have any to spare.

T'Pol...uhhhh... Trip... shower... oh, it's a bad dream. She should really see Phlox about that. But no, she straps on an EV suit and goes for a wander in a decompressed section, and ends up falling over and busting her air hose. That fixed, she wanders around some more and.. WTF? She's injecting herself with Trellium D?

she finds some hidden rendezvous co-ordinates to meet with Degra, but they'd need warp 3 to get there in time. No problem, use the Suliban cell ship... Or not. Archer consults with Phlox about ethics - he's decided they're going to have to board the alien ship and take the warp coil by force.

Um, why not just ask for a lift?

Some of the Xindi talk to a Sphere Builder and ask them about how the Reptilians travel back in time. The encounter is enough to convince them Archer is more trustworthy.

Archer and his crew plan their raid on the other ship. T'Pol argues with Archer at length. He suggests she go mediatate. She goes to sick bay, has Phlox check her out, and admits she has a Trellium addiction.

Enterprise locates the alien ship, attack, board, etc. There's a forcefield around the warp assembly which slows them down a bit. T'Pol knocks out main power, and they nick the warp coil. Archer's confronted by the alien captain, and then beams out, leaving the alien ship stranded.

Phlox checks on T'Pol, who is suffering the aftereffects of the addiction still. Trip fits the warp coil, and amazingly (a) it integrates with no problems, and (b) the ship's able to go to warp in its heavily damaged state wtihout falling to pieces. Teh end.
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