Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Forgotten

The Forgotten: While Trip agonises over writing a letter of condolence, Archer tries to convince Degra that the Sphere Builders have been misleading him.

Archer gives a speech to the crew. The deathtoll from the last few episodes is now up to 18.

Repairs are still ongoing. Archer asks Trip to write a letter to the family of one of the victims because she was an engineer.

Phlox clears T'Pol of Trellium, but she's still having problems controlling her emotions. He says her emotions problems may be permanent.

Enterprise reaches the rendezvous and hits an anomoly. Degra's ship turns up and requests Enterprise follow him. They go to one of the spheres and Archer goes aboard Degra's ship for an exposition download.

T'Pol tells Trip to go get some sleep, then there's a coolant explosion which somewhat undermines her advice. Oops, the hull's leaking.

Archer shows Degra and his friend the dead reptilian Xindi from the past, and the virus which was created. Meanwhile, Trip shouts at an engineer, and Phlox tells him to go get some sleep, or else. The leak gets worse. Archer shows the Xindi the records of the Sphere Builder from a few episodes ago.

Trip dreams about the dead crewmember who gives him suggestions for the letter.

The Xindi debate whether to trust Archer or not. Degra thinks they should, the sloth-Xindi doesn't.

Trip goes off at Degra. That's helpful. The leak gets even nastier, and Trip notices it finally. Trip and Reed go out to use the manual cut-offs to shut it down. With 6 minutes to spare, they start work, but Reed's suit starts overheating because he's too close to the fire. They manage to shut it off, but Reed passes out from the heat. Trip goes off at Degra again and Archer tells him to STFU.

Archer and Degra look at the sphere data. Meanwhile, Trip attempts to record the letter to the dead crewmember's parents, but then there's a tactical alert - a reptilian-Xindi ship has turned up. Dun dun daaaa!

The reptilians demand Enterprise. Degra and co leave Enterprise... and attack the Reptilian ship disabling it with Enterprises help... then Degra's ship destroyed the Reptilians.

T'Pol finds Trip doing some work and bitching about the Xindi some more. He gets upset about his sister and she comforts him.

Degra gives Archer the co-ordinates of the Xindi council chamber and instructions on getting there, and says he'll meet them there in three days. Then pisses off.

Trip records his letter. Teh end.
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