Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Council

What a cryptic title!

The Council: Archer meets with the Xindi council to try to persuade them not to attack Earth.

Why doesn't Daniels just take the Xindi Council to the future to show them what's going to happen?

The Sphere Builders discuss how things are going, and they conclude they need to intervene again to make sure the Xindi weapon is launched.

God help me, the new version of the theme is growing on me.

Phlox says T'Pol is completely free of Trellium, but they're interrupted by Trip who's pulled a muscle. Trip doesn't think that Archer will be able to convince the Xindi. Phlox says Degra seems reasonable, but Trip says he doesn't think many people in his home town would agree with that. Yeah, because they're all dead. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Archer and T'Pol confer with Degra a bit. Later on Degra's ship, a Sphere Builder appears to him The Sphere Builders look a lot like the Taelons from Earth: Final Conflict. The Sphere Builder tells off Degra for turning his back on them. Later, Degra explains to Archer that the Sphere Builders helped them out a lot after their planet was destroyed, and the council may not be very receptive to hearing they've been lying.

Meanwhile, the Reptilian-Xindi have found the vessel Degra destroyed a while back. Degra, Enterprise and some other ships turn up, much to the Reptilian's annoyance.

A bunch of Enterprise officers are off on some mission to a sphere in a shuttlepod. S'right.

Degra, Archer and Hoshi go before the council. There's arguing.

T'Pol's mission penetrates the sphere. Oer.

A Sphere Builder meets with the Reptilians and tells them they need to secure the weapon because the council won't be able to come to a decision.

Degra gets a copy of the medical data from the dead sphere builder from some episodes ago, and he and Trip go to modify the SB pod, then they go back before the council and show them a biometric hologram of the dead SB.

T'Pol and co continue attempting to raid the sphere's memory core. Then an arm comes down and disintegrates the MACO they brought along and they have to phaser it. More arms come down, and they have to make their escape.

Degra says that the Council has voted to postpone the weapon launching. Trip asks Degra for help syncing the power cores, and apologises for the stuff he's said.

The head Reptilian goes to Degra and informs him that they've found he destroyed a Reptilian ship... and promptly kills Degra with a knife. Archer's informed Degra's been killed, and the Reptilians have called an emergency session.

T'Pol's mission heads back, and Reed angsts about the MACO they lost.

The Reptilians and Insectoids announce they're withdraw from the council and they're going to launch the weapons themselves. The weapon launches with an Insectoid escort. Enterprise and the other Xindi factions move to intercept. Enterprise is disabled, and the Reptilians kidnap Hoshi. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun! Teh end.
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