Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Countdown

Countdown: While the Reptilian-Xindi attempt to activate the weapon, everyone else tries to stop them.

Hoshi wakes up on a Reptilian-Xindi ship and they threaten to do horrible things to her.

T'Pol's team makes it back to Enterprise with the memory data from the sphere. Reed breaks it to Hayes that the MACO they took got killed. T'Pol and Trip work on decoding the data, and locate three sphere which are controling the others.

The Reptilians inject Hoshi with brain-eating parasites. Uh oh!

Archer and the other Xindi locate the weapon, but don't have the firepower to take on the Reptilian and Xindi ships. Archer decides to ask the fish-Xindi for help.

Hoshi continues trying to break the aquatic encryption so they can activate the weapon, but then she resists some more, and they realise she's added an extra layer of encryption to the arming routines.

Trip and T'Pol try to work out how to disable the spheres and have a fight. When he goes to storm out, she apologises.

The Reptilians shout at the Sphere Builder representative because s/he/it can't supply the third launch code for them. Heh.

Six Aquatic ships turn up to help intercept the weapon in return for disabling the spheres.

The Sphere Builders discuss the fact that the humans are going to win. OI! SPOILER WARNINGS! Sheesh. The Reptilians, however, have managed to arm the weapon.

The strike force moves in on the weapon. I hope they saved enough budget for a decent battle. They attack the weapon, etc, and send a boarding party onto the lead Reptilian ship to retrieve Hoshi.

The Sphere Builders dwecide to intervene, and start forming anomolies around the weapon.

Hayes' team, under fire, requests beamout, but the transporter is offline. Trip manages to get them out two at a time, but Hayes and one of the other MACOs are injured.

The Reptilians launch the weapon through a portal.

Reed visits sickbay and Hayes dies. He goes and pep-talks the MACOs, while Archer and co work on a plan to intercept the sphere and destroy it from within. Phlox is concerned Archer wants to transfer Hoshi to Degra's ship.

Meanwhile, the Insectoids are having doubts about the whole destorying the humans thing, so the Reptilians blow their ship up.

Archer leads the team to attack the weapon, while T'Pol and Trip take Enterprise to disable the spheres. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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