Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Zero Hour

Zero Hour: With the Xindi weapon headed for Earth, a double mission is launched to destroy both the weapon and the spheres in the Expanse.

The Reptilians stand around boasting and eating mice. o.O

Trip works on a deflector pulse to disable the sphere, and when he complains that they're in danger of frying the ship, T'Pol tells him to STFU. They find the sphere surrounded by anomoloies, and it would be very hazardous to take the ship in.

Archer tries to get the barely-conscious Hoshi to decrypt the schematics for the weapon, but she's incoherant. He insists she'd going to come with them on the mission into the weapon.

Then Daniels snatches Archer 7 years forward in time to the founding of the Federation, and says he'd not allowed to go on the weapon because it might jeapardise the future. Daniels, you useless bastard, why don't you just timewarp the Xindi weapon into a sun? Or drop a quantum bomb on them or something.

Enterprise reaches the sphere and they start to head into the anomolies.

Hoshi works on decrypting the schematics, while Degra's ship moves in on the weapon.

The Reptilians reach Earth's system and prepare to fire the weapon. They destroy an unarmed station on the way, just because they're nasty.

Enterprise begins their deflector pulse, and Sphere Builders appear on board and start trying to sabotage the ship.

The Reptilian ship goes to intercept Degra's ship. Suddenly, Shran turns up to render assistance! With Shrans, help, Archer's team gets on board the weapon.

The MACOs manage to fight off the sphere buildersr long enough for them to get the deflector pulse back to full strength.

Archer works on disabling the Xindi weapon, but Hoshi loses her padd over the side.

Trip manages to destroy the sphere with moments to space, and the chain reaction destroys the sphere network.

Back on the weapon, Reed gives Archer the charges to blow the weapon's main reactor while they beam out. He plants the charges, but one of the reptilians starts fighting with him as it's time to beam out.

The Andorians destroy the Reptilian ship, but they can't beam Archer out, cause he's still fighting with the Reptilian. He plants a spare charge on the Xindi and runs for it. Teh weapon go BOOM!

Enterprise waits for Degra's ship, and T'Pol finds the Expanse is disapating and returning to normal space. She says she's 66 on her next birthday. Degra's ship arrives, and they anxiously wait to hear if the weapon was stopped. Finally the ship docks, and Reed breaks the news they didn't get Archer off before the weapon exploded.

The Xindi thank T'Pol for destroying the spheres. The aquatic-Xindi give Enterprise a lift back to Earth, but when they try to contact StarFleet, they don't get a response. Not from any orbital stations or the lunar colony.

Trip and Mayweather nip down in a shuttlepod and get fired on... but 20th century fighter planes. Meanwhile, Archer is in the hands of the Nazis, one of whom is an alien. Errrrrr, WTF? Teh end.

And so ends season 3.
Tags: enterprise

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