Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Storm Front

Storm Front: Nazis are winning world war 2

Woooo, Vulcan menu system ahoy!

Previously on Enterprise, blah, blah, destroyed the Xindi weapon, Nazis, etc, etc.

Trip and Mayweather's shuttlepod comes under heavy fire over San Francisco and has to retreat back into space.

*theme tune*

Archer sits in the back of a truck with some Nazis who appear to be movie buffs. Then they're ambushed and Archjer escapes.

On Enterprise, they realise they've travelled 200 year into the past. And there are Suliban on the ship. Greeeat.

The alien Nazis, who look sorta like Buffy demons, talk about getting Archer back - they know he'd from the future and think he may be a temporal agent.

Trip apologises to T'Pol for going off at her before. Meanwhile, Reed's picked up anachronistic transmissions, and Phlox is having trouble getting Porthos to eat, and then Daniels staggers into sickbay looking somewhat disfigured.

Archer finds himself being tended to by a woman named Alicia Travers. She tells him it's 1944, and the Nazis have overrun Brooklyn. This is presumibly with the help of the aliens from the future who are cheerfully passing along war technology.

Phlox says Daniels is in cellular chaos and may not live more than a day. T'Pol wants to talk to him.

Three resistance peoples turn up to check on Archer and Alicia, and ask why the Nazis are looking for Archer so vigorously.

Daniels says he sent Enterprise back in time, as the Temporal cold war has escalated, and can only tell them they have to stop someone.

Alicia and Archer have a meal and she explains more about what's happened. He asks about the alien Nazi and wants to meet the guy.

Trip spots a Suliban in engineering - it's Silik, who tried force him into a shuttlepod at gunpoint. There's a fight, Silik stuns him, jumps in the shuttlepod and leaves the ship.

Archer meets with an informer who's seen one of the aliens, and with his help, they ambush it.

Trip and Mayweather beam down and locate the shuttlepod Silik nicked.

The alien says he's trapped there, and they're helping the Germans so they can build a conduit home. Also, Enterprise is in orbit. Then they get caught in some random gunfire and stuff. Archer tries to contact Enterprise on the device he nicked from the alien...

Meanwhile, Trip and Mayweather blow up the shuttlepod, which the Germans just found. Unfortunately they're then captured.

Enterprise picks up Archer's signal, and he and Alicia are beamed out just in time. After checking in on the bridge, he goes to see Daniels in sick bay. Daniels says the aliens are a Temporal Cold War lead by Vosk. If they can stop Vosk, history will be restored. Then he carks it.

Then there's a scene with Trip, Mayweather and Vosk. Teh end.
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