Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Storm Front Part the Second

Storm Front Part II: Archer fights Space Nazis.

Last time on Enterprise, there were Space Nazis. This time on Enterprise, there are still Space Nazis.

Hahahahaha, nice news clip. Someone abrupt transition into the title sequence though.

A real Nazi argues with an alien about who's in charge, and the alien says "WE CONQUERED WORLDS SO STFU!"

Archer chats to Alicia on the Enterprise and she tries to deal with culture shock. Alicia suggests they phaser Berlin, but Archer says "no, we'll do it the hard way."

The aliens discuss their prisoners and have concluded that Trip and Mayweather aren't temporal agents. They have a go at making a conduit or whatever, and fail. Tsk. Trip's taken to a cell, where Silik surprises him.

Reed, T'Pol and Archer discuss the changes to the timeline, then they receive a transmission from Vosk, who asks for a meeting. And so, an hour later, Archer meets with Vosk, who turns over Trip and Mayweather, and then has a discussion about the temporal accords and so on. Vosk beleives that time travel should be utilised to improve things, and offers to send Enterprise home and reverse the existing temporal damage if Archer gives help in defeating the temporal agents. Later, Archer fights with Trip in sick bay - it's Silik in disguise.

Archer interrogates Silik a bit. Archer reasons that Silik was sent by Future Guy to get the schemetics for Vosk's time machine, so Future Guy can travel in time too.

Vosk rings Enterprise to ask about who nicked the schematics. After Archer says no to helping, there's a battle and Enterprise withdraws out of range. Silik says he'll help Archer get into Vosk's compound cause he wants ti destroyed too. The pair beam down.

The Nazis prepare to move on American positions, or something, but Vosk is ready to use his time machine and sod off.

Archer and Silik meet up with Alicia and her friend to organise the attack on the compound. Meanwhile, Vosk gives a stirring speech. The attack begins, with the mobsters attacking the Nazis while Archer and Silik slip in. Archer gets the main shield protecting the compound down, and Enterprise moves in.

During the fight, Silik is shot. The Nazi general rebels against the aliens and is promptly shot. Archer runs into Trip, who thinks he's Silik until he sees Silik's body. They make their escape with the mobsters before Enterprise moves in, German aircraft zapping it.

Vosk's men manage to create a time conduit just as Enterprise blows up the building. Archer finds himself in limbo with Daniels watching history revert, then Enterprise is returned to Earth in the right century, where it's greeted by a welcoming committee. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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