Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Home

Home: After fighting Xindi and Space Nazis, Enterprise finally returns home.

El big massive homecoming. Why are only the regulars up on stage? Come on, there are more crew than that.

So a starship captain walks into a bar... and chats to Erika Hernandez who is also a captain. Meanwhile, T'Pol invites Trip to stay at her place on Vulcan. Archer and Erika visits the NX02, which is still under construction.

There's a briefing of the last season, and Soval doesn't think they did enough to help the crew of the Vulcan ship. Archer bitches about the fact the Vulcans did nothing to assist in the Xindi mission, and Forrest puts the briefing on hold, and orders Archer take a vacation. Reed tells Phlox that there's a bit of xenophobia on Earth after the Xindi incident.

Trip meets T'Pol's mum, T'Les, who's surprised her daughter brought along a guest. T'Pol is surprised her mum has quit teaching at the science academy, and reads a letter from her arranged husband.

Archer and Erika go rock climbing. Archer still needs to get the stick out of his arse. He suggests she get a squad of MACOs assigned to her ship.

Trip finds early mornings are mandatory on Vulcan, and offers to fix T'Les' kitchen equipment.

Phlox gets hassled by a random dick. This is followed by Reed and Mayweather getting involved in a barfight until Phlox makes his head explode.

T'Les asks Trip about how he and T'Pol are romantically involved, and he fixes the kitchen appliance. It may experience a warp core breach next time they grill something. T'Pol intended husband, Koss, shows up and chats to T'Pol. She ponders calling for a fight to the death, and Koss hints he might be able to help T'Les get her teaching job back, if they married.

Archer and Erika reach the top of their rock, and discuss the result's of Enterprise's mission so far. Archer doesn't think they've done much good.

T'Les tells T'Pol she was asked to resign from the academy because of some stitched up evidence because of T'Pol's role in the whole P'Jem affair. When T'Pol bitches, T'Les observes that she's a lot more emotional these days.

Archer's attacked in the night by a couple of Reptilian Xindi, but fortunately it's all a dream. He's a bit cranky cause he wanted peace and quiet, and Erika decided to come along. She thinks he has a deathwish because of his remorse over the stuff he did during the Xindi mission, and snogs him.

Trip and T'Pol do touristy stuff, and she reveals she's decided to marry Koss because he'll help T'Les. Trip is, unsurprisingly, somewhat surprised.

Archer and Erika make out on their rock.

Meanwhile, Phlox is zapping the rest of Hoshi's brain parasites, and she expresses disbelief she's staying on board Enterprise because of the incident in the bar.

Back in the briefing, Archer apologises to Soval, and in return Soval says he was wrong in opposing Archer's captancy of the Enterprise. Awwwwwww, they should totally snog now.

Trip dresses up for T'Pol's wedding, and T'Les suggests he might, y'know, let T'Pol know he loves her. He doesn't want to put pressure on her, so the wedding is on! Teh end. What?! That was a bit abrupt.

Er, you'd think the wedding ceremony would actually be *in* Vulcan...
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