Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Borderland

Borderland: Some genetically-engineered humans steal a Klingon ship, threatening a war. Also, Brent Spiner appears.

A Klingon ship captures a vessel and takes two prisoners, who turn out to be ninja and kick their collective arses.


Meanwhile, Archer visits an imprisoned doctor who appears to be Brent Spiner to ask about the attacked Bird of Prey. The attackers DNA indicated that they were genetically enhanced humans - Brent had stolen them as embryos 20 years ago and brought them up on another planet for ten years before he was captured. Enterprise's mission is to find the "augments" and bring them back.

The Augments, meanwhile, have worked out how to fly the bird prey, but there's some internal strife.

They bring Brent onboard Enterprise and he's a bit of a pain. Trip asks T'Pol about the honeymoon, but they're interrupted by Archer, who's impressed with his new chair. Enterprise hoves out of spacedock again, fully repaired.

Archer presents T'Pol with a present for her first day on offical duty - a compass. Meanwhile, Phlox tries to get along with Brent.

Two ships from the Orion Syndicate turn up and attack Enterprise. These would be green people, huh? The interceptors beam off nine people including T'Pol and then scarper. Archer asks Brent about how to get the crewmember back.

Another scene with a couple of Augments snogging. Or something.

T'Pol finds herself in a cell with a somewhat confused Ensign.

Enterprise reaches the slave-trading planet, and Archer and Brent beam down to look for the missing crewmembers

T'Pol is auctioned. Archer and Brent look around the slace compound and find four of the crewmembers... then T'Pol, but they're interrupted by the big green slave trader.

Another scene with Augments. The female appears to be placing both sides of a power struggle. Back to the more interesting A plot, where another Enterprise crewmember is being auctioned. Archer and Brent have located all nine crewmembers. They buy one of the crewmen, and take him back to Enterprise so Phlox can examine and remove the restraint thingee on his neck.

Back in the B-plot, the power play takes place, and one of the Augments takes over leadership from another, and stabs the former leader in the groin. Cool. at this rate, by the time Enterprise gets there they'll have killed each other.

Archer and Brent deactivate all the restraint thingee, causing a slave escape. Archer orders Trip to start beaming up, but then brent escapes. T'Pol kicks the slavetrader in the groin before she's beamed up. Archer hunts down Brent and they return to Enterprise. Worst escape attempt ever.

Back on Enterprise, Archer interrogates Brent some more.

Orion interceptors turn up and demand their property back. After they attack Enterprise a bit, a Klingon BOP turns up and shoots them - it's the Augments, who demand Brent. The Augment's new leader is a bit of a dick.

The other Augments storm the ship while their leader takes Archer hostage. They free Brent and sod off in the BOP to go liberate some more foetuses. To be continued.
Tags: enterprise

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