Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Cold Station 12

Cold Station 12: Enterprise heads for Cold Station 12 to stop the Augments from nicking more genetically-engineered embryos.

Previously on Enterprise, Space Ninjas Series Fives Augments rescued Brent Spiner from captivity.

Flashback to 11 years earlier where Brent instructs his Augment children on some planet or other

Brent and his Augments prepare to break the other augmented foetuses out of the space station they're located in.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew investigate the Augments' old base. There is, however, an Augment still hiding there who utterly fails to kick any arse when they corner him. This one is obviously not a space ninja.

Brent is sad because the former leader died in the previous episode, and Malik admits he stabbed the former leader and then they have hugs. Awwww

Archer takes the augment they found back to Phlox, who says he wasn't space ninjay because his genes are wrong so he's just a normal human. He's apparently called Udar, or Smite to the other Augments. Trip reports that the Augments took incubators with them.

The Augments board a Denobulan freight bound for Cold Station 12 where the foetuses are being stored.

Archer tells Phlox his penpal is currently the head doctor on Cold Station 12, then invites Smite to dinner.

The Denobulan ship full of Augments lands on Cold Station 12, and Brent starts a defence protocol which knocks out all the station staff.

Archer and Smite chat over dinner, and he shows Smite pictures of his real parents. Later on, Archer finds Phlox trying to increase his body mass. Denobula perfected genetic engineering ages ago and never had a eugenics war.

The Augments attempt to break the password to get the foetuses out. Enterprise comes into range, and Brent tells them to leave or they'll start killing hostages. Archer orders the ship turned around. Archer and a team beam onto the station before the ship leaves transporter range though.

Brent interrogates Phlox's penpal with little success. Malik suggests using one of the highly-toxic pathogens. They stick one of the doctors in a tube and give him a fatal disease. Meanwhile, Phlox sabotages the life support. Phlox's penpal refuses to give them the code, and Brent orders the anti-pathogen given to the doctor in the tube. Said doc dies anyway. Then Archer's team is captured. All going well so far then.

Yeah, that's right Phlox, let them know you're mates with your penpal. Brent sees Smite and realises his Augments have been lying to him.

Archer lets T'Pol know over the radio to carry out the orders she has, which is to activate the station's self destruct. Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

The destruct code doesn't work, so T'Pol decides to do it manually.

The Augments stick Phlox in the death tube.

Enterprise moves in on the station, but the Klingon BOP counterattacks.

Phlox's penpal caves and gives Brent the code to release the foetuses, and they let Phlox out of the chamber.

Enterprise starts shooting at the station. Malik nicks some of the nasty pathogens... then Archer fights with Malik. This can't go well. Oh, Malik's set the pathogens on autorelease, then he shoots Smite and sods off. The Augments and Brent return to their BOP and bugger off.

Archer starts for the primary junction to prevent the pathogen release, but then the episode suddenly ends!
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