Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, The Forge

The Forge: After a bomb whacks the human embassy on Vulcan, Enterprise sets out to find the people responsible.

So, er, 17 years ago on Vulcan, a dude wandering around in a cave found a wee statue and said "Surak". Good stuff.

Admiral Forrest is trying to get the Vulcans to do joint Earth/Vulcan missions. Soval says humans are confusing and frankly a bit scary. Then things start going boom.

Meanwhile, on Enterprise, they're having a game of basketball, which is interrupted because the human embassy on Vulcan went boom and Admiral Forrest died. They go to Vulcan, where the head of the High command comes on board with Soval and investigator Stel - they believe the Andorians, or possibly a renegade Vulcan sect called Syrrannites, are to blame.

They look at the bomb site, and Mayweather finds an unexploded bomb. Reed scans it and activates the bomb, so they beam up before it goes boom. The DNA on the bomb turns out to belong to someone named T'Pau, who is obviously a completely different person to the T'Pau in TOS, because otherwise it would be wanky. Stel says since she's Vulcan, they'll take it from here.

Archer mopes about dead Forrest, and Soval says Forrest saved his life when the bomb went off. T'Pol husband visits her and gives her a present from her mother, who is a Syrrannite. The present has a hologram in it describing a path through The Forge, an inhospitable bit of Vulcan desert. Archer and T'Pol beam down to look.

That night, some greebly creature starts chasing Archer and T'Pol and they run and hide like P'TAK! Also T'Pol says she used to have one as a pet.

Phlox finds the DNA evidence on the bomb was faked, but the guard on duty at the time might know who the bomber is - the guard is in a coma.

Archer and T'Pol encounter Arev, who they hang out with for a while. Nice orange sky Vulcan has. Arev soon realises that Archer is not the student of logic he claims to be, and T'Pol relaises Arev is a Syrrannite.

Trip and Phlox try to get Soval to find someone to mindmeld the comatose guard to try to get the info, and it turns out Soval is one of the rare few who can mind meld.

Meanwhile in the Forge, saaaand stoooooorm! Deeeeeep huuurting! Arev says he'll take T'Pol and Archer to the sanctuary where her mom's holed up.

Soval does teh mind meld and finds out the identity of the bomber.

The trio on the planet discuss Surak and Arev believes that Surak's katra is held by a Vulcan. Also Syrrannites believe that all Vulcans can mind meld.

Soval, Trip and Phlox confront Stel, the bomber, but there's instant controversy when the Vulcans find out the info was retrieved via a mindmeld.

In the hidey cave, the storm whacks Arev, and he mindmelds with Archer to pass on his katra.

Soval says he'll go before the High Command, which Trip points out might not be a great idea if they're all in on it.

Archer comes around, and after they bury Arev, they set out for the sanctuary again. And evade patrol craft. They walk through a holographic wall and find teh Syrrannite Vulcans who point big knives at them. To be continued.
Tags: enterprise

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