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ST:E, Awakening

Awakening: The Doctor takes Tegan to see one of her relatives who lives in a small English village.

Previously on Enterprise, Admiral Forrest go boom, Vulcan dissidents blamed, Archer and T'Pol venture into hostile desert to find them and meet Arev who dies, passing his katra to Archer.

Also there was a B-Plot revealing a member of the High Command is to blame, but Soval is in the doghouse because he can mind meld.

The High Command confront Soval over the mind melding, and reveal they've "found" Stel is a syrranite. Then they fire Soval, cause he's gaya mind melder.

Meanwhile, Archer and T'Pol meet the Syrranites, including T'Pau. There's a confrontation during which T'Pau claims her innocence, and T'Pol meets her mom. Also Arev was not Arev but Sirran (or something) who was the Syrranites' leader. Archer complains again about how Arev katra'd him.

Trip is pissed cause Soval was fired. Soval also says that the High Command is looking to bomb the Syrranite's encampment in the Forge.

T'Pol talks to her mom about why she joined the Syrranites. Meanwhile, Archer has a vision of the past war and talks to Surak til T'Pol wakes him.

The High Command argue over bombing the rebels with photon torpedoes.

Archer tells the other Vulcans he has Surak in his head. T'Pau mind-melds with him to check. T'Pol is sceptical, but says it may not be possible to extract the whateveritis.

The High Command contacts Enterprise and tells them to piss off cause the matter of the bombing is sorted.

T'Pau and T'Pol's mum discuss transferring Surak's katra to T'Pau, but the operation might be hazardous to Archer's health. Despite T'Pol's protests, Archer willingly takes part.

Admiral Gardner orders Enterprise leave Vulcan, but as two of the crew are in orbit, Trip refuses. The High command become suspicious that they have a reason to stick around.

T'Pau and Archer do the funky mind-meld thing to transfer Surak's katra over. Surak appears to Archer and says that Archer is a better vessel for his katra. This concludes the whole procedure.

Mayweather and Reed sneak down in a modified shuttlepod, but come under attack from Vulcan patrols. The High Command rings up Enterprise to ask why they launched a shuttle, and Trip has to admit Archer's on the surface. A standoff ensues.

T'Pol argues with her mother re Archer and so on and so forth. While the Syrranites start evacuating, Archer thinks he can find some artifact that Surak knew about. The leader of the High Command orders attack on Enterprise. Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau go looking for the artifact.

Enterprise retreats, allowing the High Command to start bombing the Syrranite encampment. Fortunately Archer and co are off tomb raiding. Having retrieved the artifact, they start making their way out and, indeed, reach the surface where T'Pol finds her mortally injured mother.

Soval tells Trip the High Command is planning to attack Andorria because they think the Andorians are working on a weapon of mass destruction. Trip sets course for Andorria. To be continued.
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