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ST:E, Kir'shara

Kir'shara: Enterprise attempts to head off a Vulcan attack on Andorria, while Archer takes the Kir'shara back to the capitol.

Previously blah blah blah. The leader of the High command shows how the Vulcan fleet is preparing to attack IraqAndorria because the IraqisAndorrians have WMDthe Xindi prototype weapon and are going to use themoutfit their ships with it. My, how subtle. What real life events could they possibly be trying to parallel?!

Reed suggests to Trip that Star Fleet might not be happy with him warning the Andorrians that the Vulcans are going to attack them. Trip asks Soval for help finding Jeff CombsShran.

Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau make their way back through caves to the Capital, while T'Pol complains about the fact Archer is still possessed by Surak.

A couple of the High Council members discuss the fact that Archer escaped the massacre and may be on his way back with the Kir'shara.

Enterprise cruises to to a nebula and says hi. The Andorrian fleet pops out and says hi back. Sharn points out Archer destroyed the Xindi prototype before the Andorrians could get it back to Andorria. He's skeptical about the impending Vulcan attack, but decides to consult with his superiors.

T'Pau offers to do a meld with T'Pol to pass on knowledge from T'Pol's mom, to which T'Pol points out she has Vulcan aids, to which there is no cure. T'Pau points out, actually, there is and then they have sexmind-meld.

The Andorrians surprise-beam Soval to their ship and put him in a machine which stimulates emotions and torture him a bit. Meanwhile, Enterprise notices Soval's gone, and politely ask for their Vulcan back. The Andorrians retreat into the nebula, and Enterprise follows but can't see anything. Because they're in a nebula. Duh.

I think T'Pol is jealous of Archer having Surak's katra. He suggests she might want to take a look at the Syrranite philosophy. Then she gets pissed off, but they're interrupted by T'Pau.

Shran tortures Soval some more.

Archer and co are confronted by some Vulcans who demand the Kir'shara. Combat ensues. Hey, those are the fighting sticks from Amok Time. T'Pol is rendered unconscious, while T'Pau and Archer are forced to flee. Archer is not happy at having to leave T'Pol, who is busy lying to the guards.

Shran tortures Soval some more. But then Enterprise finds them and attacks, Shran orders the fleet out of the nebula. Make up yer mind.

Archer and T'Pau go in pursuit of T'Pol.

Phlox tends to Soval, but Shran believes them, and the Andorrian fleet are being redeployed to intercept the Vulcans.

Intercepting the guards, Archer and T'Pau find that T'Pol's been taken to the High Command, who are currently telling her that she's going to be executed for treason. But then they're interrupted cause the Andorrian ships have gone to intercept the Vulcan ships. The High Council is beginning to realise their leader has been misleading them.

Trip talks to the Vulcan ships and suggest they sod off. The High Council's leader orders the attack go ahead.

There's a space battle, and Shran tells Enterprise that Archer now owes him twice.

Archer and T'Pau reach the High Council and confront the leader. Archer activates the Kir'shara which displays surak's writings everywhere. When the leader goes to destroy it, one of the ministers zaps him and orders the Vulcan ships break off their attack.

Archer calls up Enterprise and calls it back to Vulcan, where everything's happy again. Koss tells T'Pol that he's releasing her from the marriage cause her mom's dead. Most pointless marriage ever. Surak's katra is transferred from Archer to another Vulcan. Then it's Vuclan salutes all round and Soval says the Vulcans will no longer be peering over Earth's shoulder.

Meanwhile, the former Vulcan leader goes and talks to a co-conspiritor - a Romulan. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun! Teh end.
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