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ST:E, Observer Effect - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2006-01-18 18:37
Subject: ST:E, Observer Effect
Security: Public
Observer Effect: Trip and Hoshi are infected by a deadly virus while two aliens watch from other crewmembers.

OMG Mayweather got a line! Except it's not Mayweather, as it appears to be two aliens using their bodies to play Chess, or something. Hrm.

Trip and Hoshi return to Enterprise having been spending time shifting through Klingon garbage. Then Trip starts coughing uncontrollably and falls over, leaving Hoshi to guide the shuttle in. They're stuck in decon, where Hoshi starts coughing and puking. NotReed and NotMayweather discuss what's happening and wonder how the humans will handle the infection.

NotMayweather questions Trip, but discovers no one respects the black guy, and they shoo him off. NotReed goes to sick bay and questions Phlox about how he's developing a treatment. Phlox kicks him out. Trip and Hoshi discuss The Andromeda Strain. Good movie. Hoshi admits she broke someone's arm while playing cards. Very BSG.

Phlox finds the virus is silicon based - Trip and Hoshi have less than five hours to live unless he can find a treatment. NotReed and NotMayweather discuss whether he'll find a treatment or not. Wasn't the Andromeda Strain a silicon-based virus? Maybe they should break out a copy of the movie.

NR and NM discuss whether Archer will kick the infected crewmembers out into space, and consider possessing other crew members. Trip and Hoshi look crap and discuss their respective jobs on the ship, then see Phlox and T'Pol standing there watching. Trip tells them to sod off back to sick bay and get back to work on a cure.

Archer says they should ask Star Fleet to contact the Klingons and ask if they found a cure. Fat chance. Come on, is it even plausible Klingons invented warp drive? Then Archer finds the debris from the Klingon shuttle in orbit and makes the obvious conclusion. NotMayweather and NotReed are impressed that he was considering contacting the Klingons.

Hoshi breaks the quarantine seal and wanders the ship. You know what this means. 3 hours WOO. With Out Oxygen! She heads for an airlock, and Trip has to stop her from opening it and they return to quarantine. Archer and Phlox tell him to sedate her then sedate himself. Uh, dude, you should lie down fir... oh never mind.

Phlox says radiation will kill the virus, but also the patient. Whups.

NotMayweather thinks he and his friend should stop the virus. They possess Trip and Hoshi and discuss what's going on. Phlox notices them talking while under the influence and records their brainwaves, realising they're not currently human. The two aliens possess Archer and T'Pol and confront Phlox. He asks them to help the patients, they refuse, and he informs them its no wonder they erase people's memories, because their behavior is appalling.

Phlox decides that they need to treat the pair in the bio-scanner in sick bay, so they quarantine a path through the ship and move the pair there. Hoshi stops breathing on the way. Phlox is unable to use his equipment with his gloves on, so Archer ends up taking his gloves off to act as Phlox's hands. NotReed and NotMayweather are stunned he would do such a thing.

Hoshi, however, dies. NotMayweather thinks they should intercede and help, but NotReed is a dick.

They attempt to treat Trip in the bioscanner, but it doesn't work. Phlox swears to continue his work, while Archer puts T'Pol in command because he's now infected. Trip dies also, then talks to Archer and says he's an alien. NotTrip tells Archer about the situation, whereupon the other alien possesses Hoshi.

Archer gives them a big speech about compassion and so on, and NotTrip decides they really should intervene now. The aliens cure the virus and piss off having wiped everyone's memory. Archer orders a warning beacon put in orbit.

NotReed bitches at NotMayweather, and then they discuss making first contact the old fashioned way. Teh end.

That episode was good. I'd even venture to say damn good.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-01-19 06:52 (UTC)
Subject: Jeff's View
The best episode of the entire series to this point, and probably of the whole show full stop. Though you'd be forgiven for overlooking the one muttered mention of the name near the end, this is the first appearance of the enigmatic Organians, the non-corporeal beings who enforced peace on the cold-warring Federation and Klingon Empire in TOS's Errand Of Mercy.
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2006-01-19 10:20 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Jeff's View
I think the only real beef I had with the episode is the honking great reset button at the end. But then, it's Trek. :)
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