Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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ST:E, Babel One

Gosh, could this be a prequel to "Journey to Babel"? LET'S FIND OUT!

Babel One: A prequel to "Journey to Babel".

Badly damaged Andorian bridge. Jeff CombsShran reports to his superiors that their ship was attacked by Tellerites, and then orders the ship abandoned.

Hoshi complains to Archer about the food and her quarters, and Archer threatens to drop her off. They're practicing for talking to the Tellerites, who apparently only respond to argumentative people. She also suggests that he keep Porthos out of site in case the Tellerites try to eat him.

Archer infodumps that they're taking a Tellerite ambassador to Babel for a peace conference with the Andorians. Yay for Trade Disputes. THEY'RE WHAT MAKES SCIENCE FICTION FUN! Just ask George Lucas.

The Tellerites come aboard, and Archer greets them with "You people are even uglier than I remember!" They respond in kind. Charm was obviously never invented on their world. And they seem to be rubbing off on Archer, because he behaves in a dick-ish manner towards Trip. Tsk.

Enterprise answers a distress call and finds the wreckage of an Andorian combat vessel. They bring in escape pods, including Shran, who is interested to know the Tellerite ambassador is on board.

T'Pol recovers the black box and confirms a Tellerite vessel destoryed the Andorian ambassador's ship and crippled Shran's warship. Enterprise sets course for Andoria.

Archer and Shran chat over dinner, then an Andorian ship intercepts Enterprise and attacks. Shran talks to them, but the attack continues. Shran helps them shoot out the enemy ship's shield emitter, but the enemy ship's shields are still up. Everyone is confused, but the ship is chased off anyway.

Archer talks to Shran and the Tellerite ambassador and arguing ensues. Then fighting ensues, and Archer threatens to chuck them both in the brig. The Tellerites have a discussion in their quarters over whether Archer's in league with the Andorians.

Meanwhile, T'Pol's found the power signature of the Andorian ship which attacked them is the same as the Tellerite ship which attacked the ambassador's ship. OMG, it's "Frontier in Space!" Any moment now Roger Delgado and a bunch of Ogrons are going to turn up! Shran doesn't buy it.

Archer decides they should investigate further. T'Pol tells Archer that her marriage with Koss has been officially dissolved.

Enterprise tracks down the enemy ship finally - it's actually Romulan and broken down. They send a boarding party across. On the bridge, the Romulan commander says they'll overload the warp core if they don't get the ship going soon. The Romulan ship repowers and stars attacking Enterprise.

T'Pol starts beaming the boarding party back one at a time, but the transporter goes offline and Reed and Trip are still on the other ship. Enterprise retreats and the Romulans set off in pursuit.

Reed and Trip head for the bridge in search of oxygen.

T'Pol tells Archer that the ship was probably Romulan, and they speculate on WTF the Romulans want to stirr up trouble for.

Reed and Trip continue looking for the bridge, and Reed asks whether Trip is going to bone T'Pol or what. They refull their oxygen tanks from a hydrogen/oxygen thruster.

Shran and a female Andorian break out of their quarters and start roaming the ship.

The Romulans spot their intruders and do evasive manouvres with the inertial dampners off. Fun!

Shran frees the other Andorians and then confronts the Tellerites. T'Pol and Hoshi report that the Romulan ship has holographic emitters and crap so they can pretend to be other ships. Archer and the MACOs fight their way to the Tellerite's quarters and talk Shran down. Unfortunately one of the Tellerites takes the opportunity to shoot Shran's mate, but it's only a flesh wound.

Reed and Trip reach the bridge of the Romulan ship, to find it empty - the Romulans are remote controlling it from Romulus. To be continued.
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