Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, United

United: With two of the crew trapped on the renegade ship, Enterprise begins the search while trying to keep the Andorians and Tellerites from killing each other.

Previously, stuff happened. Stuff strangely like the plot of Frontier in Space.

On the Romulan ship, Trip and Reed struggle to take control. The Romulans attack and destroy a Rigellian ship with the ship disguised as Enterprise.

*title sequence*

Star Fleet lets Archer know the Rigellians want his head. Meanwhile, T'Pol's come up with A Cunning Plan, but they'll need help.

The Romulans decind to bring their damaged ship back to prevent anyone else finding it.

T'Pol's sceptical that Archer's going to be able to get the Andorians and Tellerites to cooperate in scanning for the ship.

Trip and Reed get stuff working, and start looking for the off switch for the computer.

Archer tries to get Shran and the Tellerite captain to work together. Hehehehehe!

Trip and Reed get some control over the Roluman ship and take it out of warp. The Romulans start getting anxious, and cut off the pair from each other, then activate a radiation thingee and give Trip 7 minutes to reconnect the warp circuits or die. Nyah! Trip promptly takes the reactor offline, but the Romuland switch to backup.

Phlox reports that Shran's mate died, which pisses him off a bit.

Trip continues unplugging things, but collapses. Reed works on restoring the warp matrix so the Rolumans will release Trip.

Shran confronts the Tellerite who killed his mate, and though it starts off clam, soon turns into a shouting match. He says unless the Tellerite faces him in combat, the alliance is over.

Reed finishes and the Romulan lets him in to retrieve Trip. However, he also left an overloading phase pistol in there. The pair make their way in the opposite direction from the bridge before it goes boom. The Romulans lose contact with the ship.

Archer goes to talk to Shran, who's sharpening his knife, and says he's substituting himself according to the traditional challenge rules. Shran refuses to call it off. Archer seems oddly cheerful considering he appears to be intending to die. Mayweather and Hoshi look over the rules to find a loophole, then Mayweather has an idea.

Round one, FIGHT! Archer wins by slicing off one of Shran's antennae. It'll grow back, apparently. WTF?

They detect the Romulan ship and move to intercept. The Romulans activate the holographics and project a Vulcan ship. There's a fight. The drone ship manouvres like a mofo. Reed and Trip jump out of the ship, and it takes off, pursued by Vulcans, etc. Enterprise beams Trip and Reed on board.

The Romulan ship, unfortunately, got away. Shran and the Tellerite, however, are now firm friends. And they're allll happy families.

The Romulans inmask the remote pilot, who turns out to be an Andorian. Huh? To be continued.
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