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ST:E, The Aenar

The Aenar: Some more stuff with the Romulan ship happens.

Previously on Enterprise, apparently no one was watching so we have to do a "previously on Enterprise" bit.

The Romulans have a second drone ship, and they intend to destroy Enterprise. This segues awkwardly into the title sequence.

The Tellerites have buggered off, but Shran is hanging out on Enterprise to help them track down the drone. T'Pol thinks they can make a remote control unit for the drone ship, also they're worked out the remote-controlling pilot is Andorian.

The Romulans are also discussing the pilot, who's a bit knackered and probabyl won't be able to fly two ships at once.

Shran says the brainprint they recovered is from an Aenar - a subspecies of the Andorian race who are blind but also telepathic. Enterprise sets course for Andoria. Trip chats to T'Pol, and obviously have lovin' on his mind.

Archer and Shran go to visit the Aenar - their city is underground in an ice field. I notice they seem to be using the transporter a lot more these days... hmm.... They wander around in caves until Shran falls down and gets an icicle through the leg. Yeah, that's going well. Fortunately at this point the Aenar turn up and render assistance.

Phlox gets a remote control unit set up, but if it goes wrong it may cause brane damage in the user. T'Pol volunteers to be the first test subject.

Shran chats to one of the Aenar, Jhamel, who's the sister of the Romulan's pilot.

T'Pol tries out the remote control unit, and they have to shut it down after it goes out of control a wee bit.

The Aenar refuse to help, because they're pacifists and it would involve violence. Archer and Shran head out with Jhamel who's offered to help without the others' knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Romulans launch two drones.

Trip talks to Phlox who suggests he either talks to T'Pol about his fancying her, or STFU and bear it.

The Aenar leader appears to Jhamel and tells her to come back. Archer argues and they convince the leader to let them go.

Enterprise goes in search of the drone. They hook Jhamel up to the new remote control unit so they can interfere with the Romulan's signal, however it goes a bit wrong, as usual. They find the wreakage of a cargo ship destroyed by the drone. Phlox says it's too dangerous for Jhamel to try the remote control unit again.

Shran comforts Jhamel. Awwwwww, they're going to snog before the end of the episode.

Enterprise locates another freighter, which, of course, turns out to be one of the drones. Fighting ensues. Jhamel insists on using the remote controller again to try to reach her brother. She succeeds, and her brother stops the attacking ships and has them attack each other. Enterprise destroys the remaining drone ship, and the Romulans kill their Aenar pilot.

They return Shran and Jhamel to Andoria. Wait, are they both beaming down to the same coordinates? Archer tells off Trip for being too hard on himself, and Trip asks for a transfer to the Columbia. Teh end.
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