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ST:E, Affliction - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2006-01-22 18:33
Subject: ST:E, Affliction
Security: Public
Affliction: Phlox is abducted by aliens and the Columbia prepares for launch.

Ooo, look, Klingons. Giving one of their pals a green jello IV.

Enterprise returns to Earth to see the launch of NX-02, the Columbia. T'Pol asks why Trip's transferring to the other ship, but he doesn't give the right answer, so she wanders off.

Hoshi and Phlox wander around on Earth, and are ambushed by some people who kidnap Phlox and render Hoshi unconscious. Archer and Reed arrive to fins Starfleet security already on the case.

On the Columbia, Trip and his team set about getting the engines working. Captain Hernandez drops by to say hi and invite him to a meal. Archer suggests T'Pol mind-meld with Hoshi to try to work out what the kidnappers were saying when she was pssing out. Reed finds the sensors coverin San Francisco was out during the kidnapping, and goes to find out why.

T'Pol does teh mind-meld and they find the kidnappers were Rigelian. Archer reports to Admiral Gardner and they prepare to go in search. Reed meets with some bloke who's a super sekret agent or something, and assigns him a job.

The Klingons now have Phlox at some sort of medical facility. They want his help in curing a virus which is infecting millions of Klingons. Phlox reluctantly agrees to help.

Enterprise goes in pursuit of the Rigellians, while Trip has a meal with Captain Hernandez. She asks why he asked for a transfer. T'Pol mediates and somehow makes telepathic contact with Trip briefly. Enterprise locates the wreckage of the Rigellian ship, but Reed covers up the fact that Klingons were the ones who attacked it. *GASP!*

Phlox discovers that Klingon's medical practices are somewhat barbaric. Quelle surprise.

Reed talks to his super sekret superior, and is not happy with working with the super sekret organisation. Then Enterprise comes under attack by the Klingons, who are bumpless TOS Klingons and whom beam aboard and do something to Enterprise. The Klingons sod off again, but one of their mates is left behind, and everyone's somewhat surprised at his non-bumpiness.

Why did the Klingons attack, disable Enterprise's warp drive, then sod off again? That makes no sense.

Phlox finds that the virus contains Augment gene sequences. It was an experiment to greate Augment Klingons.

Hoshi tells T'Pol she dreamed about Trip. They find the destroyed ship's flight recorder got wiped... by Reed. Archer confronts Reed, who pleads the fifth amendment, and is promptly stuffed into the brig.

The Klingons want Phlox to help them stabilise the virus to create Klingon Augments, but he refuses.

The Columbia launches.

Reed and the blumpless Klingon chat from their respective cells. Then Enterprise has some engine trouble, and T'Pol finds that a Klingon computer virus is causing havoc. To be continued.
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