Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Divergence

Divergence: Archer and the hardy crew of the Enterprise search for Phlox, who is busy helping the Klingons attempt to cure a virus.

So in trying to create Augment Klingons, they've inadvertantly created a virus which turns Klingons into TOS Klingons then kills them, ang have kidnapped Phlox to help them cure it. Meanwhile, Archer hs found that Reed is part of a super sekret organisation with its own agenda.

Archer tells Reed that if they go below warp 5, the ship will explode (Speed!) and they'er going to rendezvous with the Columbia to pick up Trip. Problem is getting Trip between the ships at warp, and they need Reed's help because he's the only expert at transferring personell at warp, for no apparent reason. I guess they needed some excuse to get him out of the brig...

*blink* OK, for that shot to work, wouldn't the Columbia's bridge have to be at the centre of the saucer section? The two ships fly upside down in relation to each other, belly to belly, merging their warp fields. Then they shoot a line between the two ships, and Trip climbs along it to Enterprise. He gets in just as the teather breaks and shoots off into space.

Trip says they have to shut down Enterprise's engine, reformat and restore. To do this without dropping out of warp, they have to stay inside Columbia's warp field.

Sheesh. Reed is escourted back to the brig, while Trip prepares to do the procedure in under two minutes. He manages it with seconds to spare.

Meanwhile, Phlox is recovering from a beating because he won't help them create Augment Klingons. The fellow Klingon scientist says their work so far has found a flaw in the virus which will allow them to halt the virus at stage 1, and they decide not to tell the general what stage they'll be stopping it at.

T'Pol's found records of Reed's communications with his msyterious surperior, Harris, and Archer wants to know WTF is up.

Phlox chats to his scientist friend some more, who admits the plague is his fault. The General Klingon reports to the high council, who are sending a fleet to sterilise the planet.

Trip and T'Pol have a frosty converation on his way back to the Columbia.

ne of the TOS Klingons complains to the General that she's become weak and cowardly, but he says Phlox has almost come up with a cure.

Archer chats to Harris, who is not forthcoming, but says they need to let Phlox complete his assignment. Phlox, meanwhile, has four strains of cure - one will work, three will be lethal. The General says to test them, they will infect four healthy Klingons. Klingon science, the brute force approach!

Reed and Archer talk about the virus and Reed's mission. Reed gives a clue where the Klingon genetic research outpost was, and Archer lets him out of the brig. Enterprise and Columbia set out for the outpost.

Phlox infects the four Klingons, and then they start on the booze. They quickly determine the good strain. Harris lets the Klingons know Enterprise and Columbia are on the way. Archer arrives, but Phlox says he need more time to perfect the cure.

Klingon ships turn up and prepare to sterilise the planet. Phlox transmits up the anti-toxin, but the Klingon in charge prefers his own solution. Enterprise attempts to disable the Klingon's weapons, but comes under attack.

Archer volunteers as a human host for the plague to synthesize anti-bodies. Great, he'll probably grow forehead bumps. He writhes around and moans and grows forehead bumps. HA!

Why would he grow forehead bumps? It has human augment DNA in it, not Klingon DNA.

It works, however, and they beam up a copy of the virus, infecting the Klingon ship in orbit. Phlox says if they call off the attack, he'll be happy to cure them. The newly TOSed Klingon scientist is unhappy, but alive. Archer has cravings for Klingon food and residual forehead bumps.

Harris thanks Reed for his help, and Reed tells him not to ring his number again. Teh end.
Tags: enterprise

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