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ST:E, Bound

Google Video has Voyager episodes for sale, all from season 2.

Bound: Yes, that is a double entendre.

Enterprise is off to visit a planet which the Vulcan survey team claims has dragons. A ship intercepts them and a green fellow asks them to please turn their guns off or he'll start shooting.

Stand-off occurs. Archer suggests they deactivate their weapons together. Oh, it's an Orion fellow. He invites Archer aboard, so her, Reed and two MACOs beam over.

Trip's sticking around to help in the repairs of the engine, which appears to be pissing off Kelby, the new chief engineer. T'Pol asks him if he's had any daydreams about her, but he denys everything. Dude, stop being a dick.

Mention of the Gorn! That's three shots at least. Oh, wait, I don't have any alcohol for a drinking game. There are dancing green slave girls, and suddenly Archer and Reed are rendered speechless. Reed's obviously forgotten he's ambiguously gay again.

Apparently the Orion fellow knows where there are huge deposits of magnasite, and wants to work with Starfleet to mine it. Archer's already said yes.

Reed shows the slave girls around the ship and shows them to their quarters while avoiding them sexing him up.

T'Pol is somewhat annoyed about the effect of the slave girls on the crew.

Reed and Mayweather work out together to try to work off their sexual tension (try masterbating, fellows! Sheesh).

Hoshi reports to sick bay with a headache, but Phlox can't find anything wrong. Then he collapses for no readily apparent reason. Trip catches Kelby talking to a slave girl about the warp reactor instead of doing his work and they have an argument, followed by Trip confining him to quarters.

Archer goes to talk to one of the slave girls about the fact she's been telling people she belongs to him now. Sorry, why are they even on board again? The slave girl starts sexing him up. Before they can do sex and potentially shoot the ratings up a thousandfold, T'Pol reports they're arriving to the planet with magnasite.

Uh oh, I think T'Pol's detected Archer's pheramones!

A ship nips up and starts shooting at Enterprise. It's a small science ship which poses no threat, but Archer orders the ship destroyed. Reed refuses, and Archer goes to take over, but the ship's already leaving.

One of the slave girls goes and does sex with Kelby, who can't stop complaining about Trip. The slave girls suggests he be more assertive and manly. This leads him to go sabotage the warp engine, and have a fist fight with Trip. The ship is disabled.

Archer interrogates Kelby in sick bay, and Phlox says the whole crew's been exposed to a potent pheramone. For some reason T'Pol and Trip are the only two who haven't been affected. The slave girls are promptly put in the brig and locate a communication device in their quarters. Oh, they were a gift from the Orion. That explains it.

Uh oh, she's got Archer in her spell! Quick, slap him, T'Pol! Nope, one word and he snaps out of it. No slappage for him.

There's another fight in engineering. T'Pol tells Trip that there's a belief that when Vulcans mate they form a psychic bond, which is probably why they're both not affected by the pheramone. Swingers must have a lot of problems on Vulcan.

The Orion turns up and attacks Enterprise, which is still warp-unready. After knocking out Enterprise's weapons, he uses a line to start towing Enterprise. Dude, beam over some MACOs. He also confides that it's actually the women who are in charge.

The slave girls appear on the bridge, having escaped. Psst, T'Pol? Two words: phase pistol. Trip turns up with one and stuns the crew on the bridge, then T'Pol sends a pulse down the tow cable, disabling the Orion ship.

The slave girls try to sexor Trip, but he takes them at gunpoint and they're returned to the Orion ship. Phlox treats everyone for the pheremone, then T'Pol makes a joke and everyone looks shocked.

Trip prepares to return to Columbia, while T'Pol tries to talk him out of it. Finally she snogs him, and he confides he asked for a transfer back to Enterprise three days ago. Haha! Tease! Teh end.
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