Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Demons

Demons: The future's equivalent of the KKK has Trip and T'Pol's baby.

We're back in the regular universe, I take it? A couple of random people I've never seen before have a baby I've never seen before in a tube.

Enterprise is back on Earth, where the Mayor from season 3 of Buffy is making a speech at an alliance of races. The Enterprise crew complain cause they didn't get a name check in the speech. A reporter chats to Mayweather - they know each other. Then a blonde woman staggers in, hands something to T'Pol, says "They're going to kill her", then keels over with a phaser wound.

Phlox determines that the hair she gave T'Pol was from a human/Vulcan hybrid - specifically the offspring of Trip and T'Pol. They discuss how this could be possible when T'Pol's never been preggers. The Mayor says StarFleet security is on it, but Archer asks Reed to talk to his super sekret agent boss, Harris. Harris says the blonde woman was part of a underground movement called Terra Prime. Sounds more like a planet. It is the Terra Prime-ians who have the wee baby, y'see.

Archer tries to get the info on the case from Starfleet security. also the MayorSamuels used to be a member of Terra Prime, so Archer blackmails him into giving him the security info.

Mayweather's reporter friend has been assigned aboard Enterprise to do a story on the ship's missions. Oh, she's his ex. Trip has a chat to Phlox, who says the baby is female and is doing OK, as human and Vulcan physiology is not dissimilar. Apart from Vulcans having copper-based blood and all.

One of the Terra Prime dudes watches a video of Colonel Green, because this is the season of TOS references. Also he injects himself with something which is probably plot relevant.

Mayweather shows his reporter friend around the ship and then they snog in the shuttlepod and probably do sex as well.

The others have worked out the blonde woman may have worked in a mine, the nearest of these is Orpheus on teh Moon. Trip and T'Pol infiltrate it with Mayweather's help, and wander around in the mine a while.

More sex is done in Mayweather's quarters. I presume it's more and not a continuation as Mayweather presumably took a shag break to help out with the infiltration.

Trip makes contact with a Terra Prime member and ends up at Terra Prime meeting. T'Pol investigates a rock fall where a doctor turned up dead, and is ambushed by someone. Trip finds the Prime-ians know who he is. Whups!

Archer and Reed arrest Mayweather's reporter friend - a Terra Prime spy.

Trip and T'Pol meet Paxton, the leader of the Terra Prime movement, does does the KKK spiel and then they launch into space. Yes, the whole mining facility.

They interrogate the reporter but don't get any useful information. Then Archer's informed the mining colony just up and warped outta there. Enterprise goes in pursuit.

The Mining ship lands on Mars near the verteron array which is used to redirect comets and stuff. They demonstrate the array by zapping the moon a bit, and says "all non-humans out of the star system or else." TO BE CONTINUED.
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