Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, Terra Prime

Terra Prime: The Terra Prime organisation threatens to blow things up unless all the aliens leave.

So, er, why did the KKK make a Vulcan/human baby? Maybe we'll find out tonight!

Previously, the Terra Prime organisation took over an installation on Mars and used it to blackmail the solar system into kicking out the non-humans.

Paxton threatens to destroy Star Fleet command, and fires on Enterprise. The ship retreats back to Earth, where Samuels and the delegates try to decide what to do.

Trip and T'Pol check out teh baby, and Paxton says someone on Enterprise provdied the genetic samples. Paxton says he needs Trip to augment their targetting capabilities or he'll shoot T'Pol.

Reed checks with Harris again to get info on sneaking past the sensor net on Mars. Archer has come up with a cunning plan to sneak in, you see. Enterprise ducks into a comet's tail and uses it as cover.

The reporter tells Mayweather that she's a Star Fleet sekret agent trying to find the Terra Prime operative on the ship. He doesn't really beleive her for some reason. Probably something to do with the whole lying to him last episode.

Trip has a fight with one of the Terra Prime-ians.

Hang on, there's something wrong with that shot. They're using a shuttlepod to duck into the tail of the comet. The tail of the comet is streaming in the opposite direction to Mars, which is where it's heading. Mar's is 3/4 lit, meaning the sun must be to the right and behind the camera, which means the comet's tail should be pointed to the left. Bad TV show! No cookie for you!

The shuttlepod shakes around a lot, and Phlox offers Reed a barf bag.

Paxton complains about Trip sabotaging the targeting circuits. T'Pol talks to the baby. Fortunately it doesn't talk back.

The shuttlepod's systems lock up (Damn MS operating system) causing it to lose control. Mayweather switches to manual, and they follow the comet in til it crashes.

Trip is locked up and promptly MacGyvers the lock. Meanwhile, T'Pol has a word with Paxton - the baby is sick and needs medical attention. She also points out he has Taggart's syndrome, which is only treatable because aliens gave humans the treatment.

Samuels tells Hoshi she should destroy the array, but she refuses. Archer and co are already infiltrating the base, where they run into Trip.

Paxton begins the firing sequence cause the Vulcans haven't left Earth, but then Archer's team takes over the control room. There's a firefight and Reed and Trip are hit. The firing sequence is locked on, so Archer disables it. Paxton monologues at him, as the glass starts cracking. After the glass breaks, Paxton reactivates he firing sequence and has a fight with Archer. The pulse fires off, but the aim is off and hits in the bay.

Trip and T'Pol decide to name the baby after Elizabeth, Trip's dead sister. Phlox says the baby won't live because of the genetic problems.

Mayweather and Reed investigate why the shuttlepod locked up and find that it was sabotaged. They track the paperwork back and hunt for the ensign who did the work. The ensign, however pulls a phase pistol on Archer, then kills himself. Tsk.

Samuels gives another speech before the delegates, and then Archer gives a stirring speech as well, provoking applause.

Mayweather takes his reporter friend home in a shuttlepod. Trip tells T'Pol that Phlox found a flaw in the cloning technique the Terra Prime-ians used, so a true human/Vulcan baby would probably be fine. Teh end.
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