Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:E, These are the Voyages...


These are the Voyages...: Riker explores a holodeck sim of the original Enterprise.

It's ten years after Enterprise set out, and the ship is heading back to Earth for decommissioning. And then Riker halts the program and leaves the holodeck (no, seriously)

Nice pan around the ship there, galaxy class? the Enterprise D? Except Riker and Troi look too old for that. Troi gives him advice on interacting with the program.

Back in the simulation, Archer is surprised that Shran's turned up, because he's supposed to be three-years dead. Shran wants to borrow some assistance to rescue his child. Shran explains he faked his own death to pretect his family, but his enemies located them and kidnapped his daughter to try to get back something they believe Shran has.

Riker plays chef and T'Pol complains to him about Shran hijacking their mission when they're supposed to be attending some ceremony. Probably founding the Federation or something.

Then Riker and Troi talk about Riker's feelings about the USS Pegasus turning up. then they go and look at the NX-01 Enterprise holoprogram for a while. Trip is in engineering purging the manifolds or something. OI! TROI! SPOILERS DAMMIT! Troi says Archer's cute and then sods off.

Riker observes the ship arriving at Rigel to help rescue Shran's kid. T'Pol and Trip chat on the Shuttlepod on the way down. Um, shouldn't this conversation be held somewhere more private? Tsk.

Shran makes the trade for his daughter with a fake crystal, then the Enterprise crew ambush the kidnappers and stun them all. Is it just me or does his daughter look a little green?

Riker confides in Troi that the Pegasus has an experimental cloaking device on it, which the Romulans would not be happy about because it breaks a treaty. Oh, wait, this is a season 7 TNG episode. Panties.

Riker chats to more crewmembers back in the holoprogram. Trip and Archer get pissed on whiskey. "Here's to the next generation," says Archer. Ooo, subtle. Enterprise comes under attack - the kidnappers have turned up to get Shran. They knock out Archer, and Trip co-operates long enough to cause en explosion killing them and mortally injuring himself. Despite Phlox's best efforts, he expires.

Archer and T'Pol share memories in Trip's quarters. Riker pretends to be chef some more and chats to Trip who being a holocharacter is easily resurrected.

The Enterprise crew attend the founding ceremony for the alliance which will eventually turn into the Federation. Archer fusses over his speech and gives T'Pol a hug before walking out to address the audience. Troi and Riker watch for a while, and then he decides to tell Captain Picard about the Pegasus. There's a wee montage of shots. Teh end.
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