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TNG: Encounter at Farpoint (Part 1)

OMG, Prime is playing TNG on Sunday afternoons? (And TOS, but I watched that recently).

Encounter at Farpoint: Q stops the ship mid-voyage to challenge the crew to prove themselves. Deforest Kelly has a cameo. Not a lot else happens.

Season 1 TNG is so TOS it's painful. The red alert siren's a direct steal. And the Q force-field is such a bad effect. Hmm, the first guy Q freezes is named Torres... "He's frozen!" Thank you, Troi, we never would have known from the fact he's covered in frost. Q stopping the ship is so a TOS plot.

"Permission to clean up the bridge." Ah, Worf. His makeup is so crap at this point too.

Troi's hair is so frizzy.

So then Enterprise tries to outrun the bad Q SFX wich turns into a sort of firey ball thing. The firey ball is too far, so Picard announced saucer seperation. Worf starts with the Klingon wank before Picard tells him to STFU and obey orders. So, Picard's taking Troi to the battle bridge with him? I'm sure her leet combat skills will come in handy. Maybe he needs more obvious things pointed out.

Seriously, the male crewmembers in the short pahnts? WTF were they thinking?

Yeah, that's right, try to torpedo Q. That's gonna work. Wonder how much of the budget they spent on the saucer seperation which we see, what? Once or twice in the entire series?

*waves at O'Brien* Yay, and he got lines! And then gets left behind when Q abducts everyone off the batle bridge because he's not important enough yet. Poor O'Brien. Then Q wobbles in on his throne. What, have they got donkeys carrying that?

Yar makes an impassioned speech and turns into a popsicle. This is the most exciting bit for some time, until Q agrees to let them continue on their way to Farpoint and test them. Then they're back on the battle bridge, and O'Brien acts like nothing at all out of the ordinary has happened, despite the fact everyone else is standing around looking shell shocked.

Meanwhile on Farpoint, Riker is meeting with Groppler Zorn who has a magically appearing pot of apples. The groppler tells someone off because he's worried Riker will become aroused.

Riker runs into the Crushers, who are shopping. What's Crusher going to do with that fabric? I don't remember her ever being into sewing. La Forge reports the Enterprise's drive section has arrived in orbit. Riker beams up to report for duty and Tasha shows him the edited highlights of the Q encounter which probably left him more confused than anything. Especially since they wouldn't have footage of the actual trial sequence.

Then Picard gets Riker to manually link up the drive and saucer sections. Why? Is he feeling a bit sadistic? Then he asks Riker about some of his pervious actions as first officer and asks Riker to help him avoid making "an ass" of himself because he has yet to extract the stick from his arse.

The bridge looks sorta bare. Yay! Deforest Kelly cameo! That was pointless, but cool. Q turns up again to complain that they're wasting time and imposes a 24 hour time limit. Picard says they'll preceed as normal anyway.

To be continued!

Now I need a TNG icon. Hrm.
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