Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Last couple of days

Went into Wellington with the JeffStoat and bought:
I Can't Believe It's not The Justice League (Trade paperback) ($33.95)
Flash Gordon (Featuring BRIAN BLESSED!) ($16.95)
Máire Brennan, Misty Eyed Adventures ($19.50)

DC has scans_daily to thank for the first sale.

ringbark posted about permmembers which I don't think I'll join, but has some interesting info in it - I knew they were working on a new profile/userinfo page layout, but didn't know that you can currently see it live by appending ?ver=ng to the URL thusly:

They're not bolding friend-ofs who you already have friended back any more? It's sorta bloggery.

Internet is currently at a crawl due to overrunning the 10GB limit (The unbundling can't come fast enough. :P but today is the day that it resets, so hopefully I won't have to wait too long before I can get hold of the latest New Who. Currently veeeeery slowly downloading the stuff I need to put TSV 37 online.


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