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TNG: Code of Honor

Code of Honor: While the ship is picking up a vaccine from a somewhat primitive world, Tasha becomes involved in a cultural incident.

Why are they beaming a delegation up to a cargo bay? That's a wee bit on the disrespectful side, surely? Lutan is surprised to find that the security officer is a woman, woman's lib having evidently never reached their planet. Tasha flips one of the guards when he refuses to give her something. Yar is teh win!

Data presents Lutan with a horsie from 13th century China. Lutan asks for a demo of the holodecks from Tasha, so she demos a judo program. It has skill auto-adjustment. Sweeet.

Then there's this whole thing where Lutan abducts her. "This is how we say goodbye on my planet" *yoink!* Picard is very annoyed.

Picard gets Riker to detonate some photon torpedoes above the planet's surface to show they mean business, but the natives don't respond. They hang around for a day or so, and then Crusher expresses concern that they're not going to get the vaccine to where it's needed in time. Erm, seperate the ship? Then the drive section can warp off with the goods, and the saucer section can hang around trying to get Yar back?

Picard inexplicibly invites Wesley onto the bridge. This apparently has no bearing on the plot. Lutan finally contacts them, and Picard asks nicely for them to return Tasha, but Lutan invites them down.

There's some discussion as to whether Picard should beam down. Data and Troi believe that he must beam down because of the customs of the planet, and Riker thinks he shouldn't endanger himself. Picard and Troi beam down. The planet is very TOS only with better special effects. Hmm, Tasha seems annoyed. I wonder why.

That night, at a big banquet, Picard asks politely that they return Lt. Yar, but Lutan's decided he wants to keep Tasha and marry her. Then another woman challenges Yar to a fight to the death, which Lutan says must take place or no treaty and no vaccine.

Wait, how does the prime directive apply? Surely these guys have warp, or they wouldn't have made first contact.

On the Enterprise, they get the news that the plague is getting worse (doesn't a vaccine prevent infection, not cure it?) so they need to get the fight over and done with. Picard goes and has a chat with Lutan, before agreeing to let Tasha fight. OMG, what?

Data and Geordi have an irrelevant conversation about shaving and efficiency and then Data tries humour again. MEANWHILE, PEOPLE ARE DYING OF PLAGUE! as Picard reminds us in the next scene. The pair look at the weapons to be used in the fight, and Picard makes a speech about process and non-interference. Then Tasha has an unproductive discussion with her opponent.

Data beams up to the Enterprise and briefs Riker and Crusher on The Plan, while on the planet, Tasha and her opponent begin Mortal Kombat. One of the audience gets unexpectedly offer by a flying weapon, and then finally Yar hits her opponent with a poison barb. The pair are beamed up to the Enterprise, where Crusher gets to work.

Picard beams up with Lutan and the rest of the away team, where Yar's opponent is alive and well, and who decides she wants a new husband. Tasha politely turns down her offer of keeping Lutan, and so her opponent decides to have two husbands. Sure, great.

With everyone back on board, the Enterprise warps off to deliver the vaccine. At warp 3. So not in that much of a hurry then?
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