Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

TNG: Where No One Has Gone Before

Where No One Has Gone Before: A visiting engineer and his alien assistant accidentally send the ship hurtling to another galaxy.

The Enterprise is going to test some new ways of going into warp courtesy some new engineer. Riker has concerns, but welcomes Kosinski and an alien who has no name but is referred to as the Traveler, on board. Troi observes she can't feel any emotion at all from the Traveler. Opening credits! Hmm, I think that's the second time we've seen the Enterprise meet up with another ship, and it's been the same class of ship (Excelsior, I think). Don't they have any other footage? :)

Kosinski goes to engineering and makes a pain of himself til Riker lays the smack down, and starts for a demonstration, while Wes and the Traveler bond over warp calculations. They start the warp test and suddenly EVERYTHING GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! The traveler starts disappearing while the Enterprise shoots past warp 10, which sadly means they're going faster than infinite speed and is therefore completely implausible. Presumably this is Warp Holy Crap. Picard orders reverse engines, and they halt several galaxies from their original position. La Forge says it'll take over 300 years to get home. Er, if it was going to take Voyager 70 years or so to get home and they were only on the other side of the milky way, surely it would take longer than 300 years?

They send a message to Star Fleet, which Data says will take some 51 years to get back. Kosinski starts with the technobabble, which no one else can understand which probably means he's spouting bollocks. Picard asks if he can please get them home. Wes attempt to tell Riker that it was that Traveler's work that got them to go so fast, but Riker snubs him. They have go at getting up to Warp Holy Crap, and end up in some place with blue clouds and swirly light things.

Picard decides to go down to engineering. Worf's pet Targ appears on the bridge, briefly, then Tasha's pet cat appears and she hallucinates her old life. Picard finds himself stepping out of the turbolift into space, and finds crewmen behaving oddly all through the ship, then runs into his dead mother who offers him tea. Riker finds him talking to thin air.

Picard signals a ship-wide alert and they arrive at engineering, where the traveler is having a lie down, and Riker says it was he, not Kosinski, got them up to Warp Holy Crap.

Crusher is unable to treat the Traveler because he's an alien they don't have on file. Picard gets her to wake him up. The Traveler says he travels out of curiosity and explains he acts as a lens for their thoughts which brought them to where ever they are. Later, the Traveler tells Picard that Wesley is "special". Wesley Sue?

They get ready to make an attempt to get to Ludicrous Speed so they can get home. The Enterprise zips along, but as Picard says, it's not enough. Then Wesley holds the Traveler's hand (awwww) and Enterprise hits Ludicrous Speed, and the Traveler vanishes. The ship returns to its original position. Picard orders set course to their next assignment, and Picard invites Wesley up to the bridge and makes him an acting ensign. Teh end.
Tags: next generation

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