Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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TNG: Angel One

Angel One: In search of survivors of a freighter disaster, the Enterprise arrives at a planet inhabited by a matriachal society.

The Enterprise is investigating a destroyed freighter - three escape pods have lead them to Angel One, a female dominated society. Picard suggests Troi make first contact, but they don't seem very friendly...

Erm, pointless Wesley cameo ahoy! Riker, Data, Troi and Yar beam down over some exposition from Picard about how women are the dominant sex on the planet for those who have forgotten the pre-credits sequence already. The womens are not forthcoming on whether the freighter survivors are on the planet. The away team are shown to quarters whether they discuss their next step.

Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Picard and Worf are discussing the Romulans, whe Wes hits the Captain with a snowball.

Data discovers perfume which leads to a discussion about sex. WTF? The women finally tell them that there are four survivors from the freighter, but they're in hiding somewhere on the planet.

Wesley and his friends come down with a nasty virus from their ski trip on the holodeck. Again, WTF? The holodeck shouldn't be able to create anything like that under any normal circumstances, shirley? Picard is infected too, presumably from the snowball, much to his disgust.

Troi and Yar express surprise that Riker's going to put on skimpy native garb to meet with their leader, the Elected One. Oh god, the chest hair. Like the other women, the Elected One has an 80s hairdo and the hots for Riker. Yar, Troi and Data beam over to where the survivors are hiding, and are warmly greeted. Meanwhile, Riker does sex with the Elected One and gives her a gift - a mediatation crystal.

The virus continues spreading on the Enterprise, and there's a few computer malfunctions as well. Crusher struggles to find a treatment.

The freighter survivors say they've made a home and don't want to leave. Unfortuantely they can't be forced to leave, as they're not Star Fleet personnel. The away team beams back to pick up Riker. The news that the survivors don't want to leave is not greeted well by the Elected One who announced she has no choice but to issue a fatwa on them.

Crusher makes a breakthrough in finding the virus.

Data reports that there are Romulan warbirds massing at the neutral zone. The women reveal that they've captured the survivors and plan to execute them tomorrow. Riker suggests he make another attempt to persuade them to leave the planet, but they still don't want to go. Riker wants to take them unwillingly, but Crusher says the ship's under quarantine. He instructs Data to beam up and take the Enterprise to the Neutral Zone to aid the outpost there.


Ooo, look, an ad for Doctor Who. That looks quite exciting.

Data says they have 48 minutes before the ship has to leave for the neutral zone. Riker takes the time to make a speech pointing out that executing Ramsey and his merry men may simply elevate them to the level of martyrs. This provokes a stay of execution.

Crusher develops a cure for the virus and sets about dosing everyone on the ship.

The Elected One announces that Ramsey and co will be exiled rather than executed. The away team returns to the ship, and they head for the neutral zone, which is sorta odd, because the Romulans don't turn up til the end of the season. Teh end.
Tags: next generation

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