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TNG: 11001001

11001001: Taelons take over the Enterprise!

What's the significance of the number in the title? 0xC9? 201?

Hey, that's a pretty cool and expensive looking SFX sequence for early TNG - the ship cruising into starbase. Why does Picard make Riker do all the fiddly manouvres? Sadistic or what?

Starbase maintenance comes on board with a couple of wee bald aliens called Bynars called 10 and 01, and are very good at computers. The Bynars sound and look suspiciously like Taelons from Earth: Final Conflict, only not as blue, and act somewhat suspiciously right away. Two more of them have also appeared, so Riker tells Wesley to keep an eye on them.

Picard is going to his quarters to read a book, but Riker strolls the ship to find out what everyone else is doing. Worf and Yar are off to play Parrises Squares, and Yar says she thinks Worf is developing a sense of humour. Data is having a go at painting with Geordi. Crusher is sodding off to talk to some doctor or other.... Riker finally comes to the holodeck, where a couple of Bynars have just finished upgrading it and suggest he gives it a go. He asks for a jazz bar and a woman named Minuet who he begins chatting up.

Wesley talks to the Binars about their communication methods, and learns they have input buffers on their belts. Those look handy. I could do with one!

Hmmm, I think this is the first instance of Riker playing the trombone on the series. The other holocharacters aren't actually all that impressed at the 5 seconds worth of playing. Riker goes to leave, but is distracted by Minuet asking for a dance. They're interrupted by Picard who chats with Minuet for a bit in French. He's impressed by her adaptability. She's like a Companion version of the HoloDoc.

Geordi and Data go to engineering, where they find that the magnetic containment field is collapsing. Hey, that's not Majel doing the computer voice! WTF?! Data announces abandon ship. *shots of people running through ship, beaming off, etc* Then he puts the ship on autopilot to get it out of range of the Starbase, etc. The bridge crew reassemble in the Starbase to find Picard and Riker missing, but the Enterprise computer reports the containment field is regenerating. The ship warps off into the distance.

Will Picard and Riker be able to resist Minuet long enough to retake the ship! HORRORS!

Picard is being third wheel. Mainly because when he tries to leave, Minuet stops him. Finally, Picard shakes her off and they exit the holodeck to find the ship on red alert and deserted. Majel's doing the computer voice again! She says the ship's heading for the Bynar homeworld. They question Minuet who spills the beans that the Bynars have taken control of the ship.

Back on the Starbase, Data realises the Bynars are also missing, and suggests they try to intercept the Enterprise at Bynus.

Picard and Riker set the autodestruct - and it's the bloke doing the computer voice again. Huh? Lucky there were the two of them there since the autodestruct seems to need confirmation.

Data feels guilty about not being on the bridge and preventing the ship being captured. Emo android!

Picard and Riker beam onto the bridge to find the Bynars lying insensible on the floor and asking for help. As the ship reaches Bynus, they deactivate the autodestruct, and try to contact the planet. The computer on the planet appears to be offline, and the Enterprise computer is filled with its contents. Minuet explains that the EMP from an exploding star knocked out the computer on the planet, which the Bynars were dependant on. They need to download the data from the Enterprise computer back into the computer on the planet.

They contact Data who suggests that the filename is likely to be a binary sequence, and it turns out to be 11001001. Once they restore the data, the Bynars perk up and give their thanks. Picard asks why they didn't just ask in the first place. The Bynars say the answer might have been no. Good grief.

Picard takes the ship back to the Starbase, allowing them to recycle the footage from before. Riker goes back to the holodeck program to find that Minuet has been replaced by a different holowoman. Picard consoles him with the fact that the relationship wouldn't have worked anyway. Teh end.

Wait, where was Troi?
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