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TNG: When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks: A sterile race kidnaps the Enterprise's child in order to repopulate their planet.

Oath, I hope this is better than last week's episode.

Riker encounters a small child in the corridor who is fleeing from calculus. Apparently the impact is enough to give him a limp. The Enterprise has been tracking a signal and they belive they've found the space version of Atlantis. Troi senses thousands of minds nearby, so they decide to hang around to see if they can find anything. Then a planet appears. Looks more like a gas giant than a habitable world. :P

It is, in fact, the legendary planet of Aldea. They're greeted warmly, and a couple of Aldeans transport up to say hello. Then they transport down Riker, Crusher and Troi.


The Aldeans admit to the away team that their population is beign depleated. OMG, The Leisure Hive! They want to swap technological knowledge for some children. When Riker says no, they're returned to the ship, and the children are abducted from the Enterprise. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! When the Aldeans ring up, Picard shouts at them. Picard has a meeting with the parents of the children and they discuss the situation.

On the planet, the Aldeans start assigning the children parents. Wesley is somewhat annoyed. One of the Aldeans has become attached to a child named Alexandra and refuses to let her go with her assigned parents.

Meanwhile, Data thinks he's found possible holes in the Aldean shields. Picard and Riker discuss what to do.

Wesley and his new mother visit Custodian, the supercomputer which runs the planet, and he asks numerous questions.

Picard and Crusher are transported down to negotiate with the Aldeans for the return of the children. "Why do you want them back? You can always make more!" Riiight. Crusher gets to see Wesley and gets a sneak bioscan of one of the Aldeans.

After they return to the ship, the Aldeans zap it with a repulsor beam, shooting it across space to the tune of three days from Aldea.

Three days later, the Enterprise returns. Crusher says the Aldeans are suffering from chromasomal damage. The children on the planet have become disgruntled. I sense an oncoming resolution.

Wesley consults the Custodian again and, with its help, locates the other children and gathered them together for a bout of passive resistance. Meanwhile, Crusher has found that the Aldeans are suffering from radiation poisoning, which she should be able to treat.

Riker and Data sneak-beam-down and sabotage Custodian. The Aldeans ask Picard and Crusher to talk to the kids re the strike they're on. After some discussion, the Aldeans realise that their computer is disabled, and are forced to listen to Crusher's ideas about their radiation problems.

With the Enterprise's help, Aldean's ozone layer is restored and the Aldeans begin treatment to repair the damage. Then there's a comedy moment involving Picard and a small child. Teh end.

Well, it was an improvement on last week's though not hugely. The plot was predictable and their should have been a lot more focus, I thought, on the reactions of the parents. The guest cast was pretty good though. Jerry Hardin, who also played Deep Throat in the X Files, was great as the leader of the Aldeans, and the child actors were all fairly convincing. Even Wesley was better written than he usually is.
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