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TNG: Coming of Age

Coming of Age: While Wesley takes the Star Fleet academy entrance test, Picard is investigated by Star Fleet.

PRE CREDITS TEASER! Wesley runs up to another young looking fellow, barely has time to apologise and then is called away to take the Star Fleet academy entrance exam. Meanwhile, Picard meets with an old admiral friend of his. Woo, exciting.

Admiral Quinn wants to conduct an inspection of the Enterprise, and assigns a Mr Remmick to do so.

Wesley meets some of the other people who are doing the entrance exam. Aparently only one student out of the group will get to go to the academy. Which doesn't really make a lot of sense, because the academy classes would be very empty.

Remmick wanders around the bridge, making a pain of himself, and Riker goes to bitch to Picard about it.Picard tells him nothing, pissing him off further.

Wesley and his friends finish a phase of the test, and wank over how the last question was a trick question. One of the others, an attractive girl who can't act, says Wesley is cute, making him think he's going to get a leg over.

Remmick asks Riker about some items in the Captain's log. Riker is pissed off that they're discussing Picard behind the Captain's back, but Remmick insists he complies. Remmick continues to question the other crew about Picard's actions during previous episodes.

Worf finds Wesley on the holodeck, where he's worrying about the oncoming psych test in which he must face his worst fear. Worf admists a fear of having to depend on other people.

The fellow from the pre-credits teaser steals a shuttle and says he's going to join a freighter crew (what?). While Remmick continues to make a pain of himself, the shuttles engines stall and it begins to spiral towards the planet below! Picard, however, talks him through restarting the engines. Remmick is impressed but wants to know how the young man got hold of a shuttle.

Wesley has an odd encounter in a corridor with an alien. Unfortunately I'm distracted by the obviously fake corridor behind them. But it's some sort of test.

Remmick continues questioning the crew about Picard, and finally questions Picard himself, who gets pissed off enough to go back to Admiral Quinn.

Wesley and his pals do another test, and Wesley aids Mordock, his greebly alien friend, who somehow gets the second highest score ever.

Remmick reports to Quinn that he couldn't find anything wrong with Picard's command, and then Quinn tells Picard that some unknown force is threatening the federation, and he need to know that he can trust Picard enough to promote him to Admiral and put him in charge of the academy. Picard says he'll think about it.

Wesley goes to do his psych test and is shown into a bare room with a chair in it. After less than a minute, he hears an explosion and runs to the environmental lab, where he finds one man paralysed by terror, and another pinned down. He helps the one who is pinned down, but the other man doesn't make it out of the lab. Then Chang turns up and reveals it was the test.

However, Mordock is the one who gets into Starfleet Academy. The other losers congratulate him.

Picard has a short conversation with the chap who stole the shuttle, then find Wesley moping about having lost and reveals that he failed the entrance test the first time he took it too. Then he goes and turns Admiral Quinn down. Teh End.

Well, that was notable only for two things - an insight into how Star Fleet selects its trainees, and a setup for a later episode. Having Wesley as the main character in the A plot was brave. Ultimately it's let down by the psych test being the old interesting bit. The B plot was, well, mostly a waste of time. Gah!
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