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TNG: Heart of Glory

Heart of Glory: The Enterprise rescues some Klingon warriors from a damaged freighter.

Worf reports a battle in the Neutral Zone, and the Enterprise zooms to investigate. Riker suggests seperating the saucer, but Picard says they don't have the budget. They arrive to find a damaged and drifting ship. Riker identifies it as Talarian, and takes an away team over.

Apparently Geordi's visor has a "visual accuity transmitter" which allows the visual signal from his visor to be received and viewed by the Enterprise. They get a picture that looks somewhat like an acid trip, and get to provide five minutes of padding, when it's also explained that Geordi sees androids as having an aura. After another five minutes of wandering around, and an ad break, they force a door open and find some Klingons, lead by Korris.

The Klingons claim they were passengers on the Talarian ship, which was attacked by a Ferengi ship. Ah, back when the Ferengi were actually a foe rather than rampant capitalists. Picard is sceptical. Crusher says one of the Klingons is not doing well.

The other two Klingons mock Worf for being a wuss, then Picard lets them know that the injured Klingon is dying. Thus we are treated to a Klingon death ritual. Lucky lucky us. Worf bonds with his Klingon pals some more, and they admit they had taken over the freighter because they prefer battle to the current peace. Dude, if you have to battle something, just use the holodeck. Sheesh.

A Klingon ship turns up, in a bit of footage I suspect they nicked from TMP. The Klingon captain says Korris and his friend are fugitives. No duh. Yar arrives with a security team to capture the two Klingons, but they appeal to Worf for help. There's a brief moment where it looks like they've taken a small girl hostage, but Klingons do not take hostages. Korris and his pal are stuck in a cell.

The Klingon vessel reaches transporter range, and Worf pleads for the two fugitives to no avail. The two fugitives, however, are MacGyver a weapon and use it to escape their cell. Although one of them is killed during the escape, but Korris gets away. He reaches engineering and holds the warp core hostage. Only everyone refers to it as the "dilithium crystal chamber". Did Korris just refer to his homeworld as "Kling"? There's a long discussion about being Klingon, and then Worf shoots Korris, and we get to see the Death Ritual again.

Picard lets the other Klingon ship know that the fugitives are dead, and the captain suggests Worf could come hang with them for a while once he's finished serving on the Enterprise. Worf agrees, but later says he was just being polite. Teh end.

Hmm, I guess that's the first major Klingon episode since, what? Day of the Dove? As well as the death ritual and the idea of a Klingon afterlife, though not specifically named, it introduced the the idea that the Klingons have some sort of honour and long to die in battle. Unfortunately it takes quite a while to get started (and the transmitter system in Geordi's visor is never used again, I believe, so that was pretty pointless), but once it does, it was generally good.
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