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Strange Things with Pigs

Apparently (or don't know the meaning of 404. They keep hitting image files on my page which are long gone, and they're hitting the same files day after day...

But that's the Internet for you. Ages ago, I had an affiliate page for a NZ online book store called Flying Pig. The company folded, and I took the site down...

But I still get 404 hits for it, from (the Teoma search engine, though the pages in question aren't listed in their index),,, and

There's something weird going on there. Hmm, perhaps I should put a disallow for the fpig directory in my robots.txt.

In other news, I made a LiveJournal suggestion and it wasn't immediately shot down. Go me. :)

[Edit: 12/09/05] Eh, it got deleted at some point.

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