Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

TNG: The Arsenal of Freedom

"You'd make a splendid computer, Mr Spock"
"Why, that is very kind of you, sir"

The Arsenal of Freedom: The Enterprise comes under fire from an automated weapons system.

The Enterprise is investigating the disappearance of the USS Drake, leading them to the uninhabited planet Minos. They're hailed by an automated message from the planet trying to sell them weapons.

OK, so Riker, Yar and Data beam down and wander around. They find a futuristic weapon, then Riker runs into the captain of the Drake who no longer registers as a life form. Riker swiftly works out it's a hologram, and it disappears to be replaced by a floating weapons drone which zaps him. Oh noes! He's immobilised in a force field.

Picard and Crusher beam down to take a look, and Data explains at length it will take him some time to get Riker out of the force field. Meanwhile, another floaty weapon turns up and starts firing. While fleeing, Picard and Crusher fall into a cave, in a somewhat comedic manner. Meanwhile Yar and Data destroy the new floaty thing.

Crusher's broken her arm, so Picard splints it. Data finally suceeds in getting Riker out, but the Enterprise is attacked before they can beam the away team up.

Geordi discusses the situation with the chief engineer, Mr Logan, who seems a bit uppity for a guest character. Geordi tells him to feck off back to engineering.

Yo, Data, you didn't not just toss Yar across the soundstage. Sheesh! They face another floaty weapon device which is more difficult to destroy than the previous two. Meanwhile, Picard treats Crusher's leg wound with some tree roots(!) and goes to look for a way out of the cave.

The Enterprise is attacked again, and despite attempting to return fire, they're unable to destroy the aggressor. They opt to make a tactical withdrawal and do a saucer separation. Troi gives Geordi a pep talk because he appears to he having difficulty with command.

Picard finds a control panel which projects the gun trader hologram, which leads Picard to realise that the people of Minos were wiped out by their own weapon. The others locate the cave, and Data joins the Captain and Crusher.

The star drive section returns to Minos. Aren't the phaser arrays all on the saucer section? Wat? Another floaty weapon turns up to shoot at Yar and Riker. Picard and Data discuss what to do, until Crusher suggests shutting it off. Picard tells the hologram he'll buy it, and the system shuts down.

The Enterprise, however, it still under attack. They fly down into the atmosphere a bit, detect the turbulance caused by the attacking device and phaser it. Done, they beam up the away team, but Picard says Geordi has to put the ship back together. Teh end.

That was mostly exciting, but not very plotty. And a number of the guest cast really sucked. Otherwise, good.
Tags: next generation

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