Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Mel Picspam

calapine posted a Mel picspam recently which reminded me that I have a whole bunch of pictures I should probably share...

Publicity picture of Bonnie from sometime around when she joined Doctor Who.

This is from Bonnie's first photoshoot. This copy is from the Doctor Who Image Archive.

And here we see Bonnie threatening to prune Colin's beard.

The Doctor and Mel with the Vervoid's compost heap. From, I believe, The Tragical History Tour.

Mel just pwned the Doctor verbally, and he gives her A Look behind her back. This is sadly not a very good quality screen shot - the copy of TOTV in my TARDIS tin is not very good quality. O please BBC won't you release it on DVD?

This is a scan of a photocopy of an image from the fanzine Celestial Toymaker. Doesn't she look pretty? An image from the same photoshoot appears on the cover of Flip-Flop

Bonnie and Sylvester share a hug during a promo photoshoot after the latter was announced as the new Doctor.

There's a few photos along this theme from Time and the Rani. I have to wonder if Bonnie and Kate knew Sylvester was mugging at them back there...

Paradise Towers, in which Mel inexplicably spends the whole story trying to get to a swimming pool when there are old aged pensioners and cleaning robots trying to kill her. Sometimes the universe sends you a message, and in this case Mel steadfastly ignored it. Until she hot to the swimming pool and was attacked by a bright-yellow crab robot.

Here we see Mel brandishing a taped-up BBC proplethal Bannerman weapon.

Dragonfire's probably the weakest story in season 24, but Mel gets this nice outfit.
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